Apparently, I’d typed this topic five years ago, and mightn’t had known that I hadn’t qwertied anything on the topic, before posting it, had not three people looked into it today. I wish I could remember what it was that made me just forget to write a post on the subject.

Duncan Blog pic

Two thoughts crossed my mind, as to what to do, on discovering this. The first been to simply delete the empty post, while the other is as presented before you. Written today, September 5,2018, while in traffic and homeward bound. Five years ago, when I started blogging, I knew that as long as I was alive, I’d probably find something to write about, so I will not say that five years down the line,I didn’t believe I’d be here.

As I’ve severally noted in posts before this, the fervor seems to have been tempered over time, and I don’t tend to blog like I used to, frequency wise. One of the reasons been that I’d rather not sacrifice quality for frequency. I know that the less I post, the more likely is my blog to wither and fail, so I’ve managed to ensure that I conjure the inspiration that guarantees at least a blog post a month, which I’m happy to state, has never so far occurred.





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