I would’ve allowed this one pass without a word about how married life has been since I took a bite five years ago, but only for some moments ago to decide not to plead the fifth, on our fifth on the fifth of August, when the journey began. I still maintain that it remains one of the best decisions I have singlehandedly made in my life so far, seeing that only few of such in my life have been this profound and as highly rewarding.

In the five years we’ve been married it appears like we’d seen it all, from wanting to be together for all time, to not been so sure that we really do wish for that, to now knowing that we are and can only be at our best, together. From friends, to lovers, to partners, to soulmates. We have laughed our hearts out, enjoyed successes together, rued missed opportunities together, and cried severally at our misfortunes. At different times within those five years, we consoled each other after losing our fathers before whom we were gems respectively. In all these, we learnt that our joys could be sweeter together, and our sorrows less bitter when we share them.


We have grown into each other, and in my own case, become less selfish. She taught me to see life in a different light, as you’d expect of a cynic and pessimist, married to the most optimistic of wives. This woman sees not just a light, but a bright one at the end of any tunnel, when I consider such the darkest recess of caves. But for many instances of encouragement she availed me, I would’ve gladly given up on many ventures that eventually turned around for good. I’m the luckiest to have found her.

The tough times are easy to navigate with her by my side. The good times? Paradise on earth me tell you. I am a champion before her always, even when I’ve been beaten to pulp and flat on my back by fate. What she seems to desire as reward appears to be only my happiness, and will only pester me less once I can muster a smile from my default frown face, a far cry from her default smile face which needs little or no prompting to light up further, even in not so happy situations.

My wife is a great resource and man manager, astute and prudent wealth distributor, a keeper and protector. Exceptional at organizing things, and quite the diplomat. Couldn’t even bear grudges or hate, no matter how so much she’s wronged. Did I add that she’s a hard worker and multi-talented multitasker? Yes, she is. Only she could’ve been able to manage an idiot like me to bring out the me that’s more acceptable to those who know me physically and otherwise, and I cannot help but appreciate her for the touch.

The short periods I spend alone without her, scares the hell outta me when I consider how life could be were it to be on a prolonged or more permanent basis. This is just the fifth year, and it’s beginning to look like she’s always been there, or that I’d lived prior to when I met her, only for the purpose of meeting her, like all of that past mattered only because I was going to eventually meet her. Now that we are here, despite all of the turbulence we have so far weathered, the future appears only to make sense with her in it.

It may have taken me some time to realize what she appears to have always known, that we can only be better together and I have totally keyed into it. Our marriage is no fairy tale, but it sure is one for which many a tale will be told, especially because of her impact and contribution, and how I’ve learnt to downplay that 80/20 rule that often leads the best of us to go astray, in understanding that we can’t have it all, rather we can make the best of what we have.

This should be about the celebration of us as a couple, but for me it’s more of an appreciation of this angel that came into my life, and made it suddenly worth living. She’s the quintessential woman, an Amazon in her own rights. She’s Eni, the one for whom I won’t plead the fifth, but rather shout about her goodness ‘pon the top of the hills even today, our fifth anniversary.





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