The political atmosphere in the United States haven’t gone unnoticed by me, in fact no day passes by without my input on the goings on there on my Facebook page and twitter handles, and that’s apart from comments, and responses I make to other people’s updates on the subject. I haven’t blogged about it before now simply because I was waiting for something phenomenal to happen, but several phenomenal things happened and still couldn’t prompt me enough to do it, till now when I decided to finally lend my thoughts to the din that’s already taken over the media worldwide, not least blogosphere.

So, against all odds Donald Trump became the Republican Party flag bearer, while Senator Bernie Sanders couldn’t replicate same on the Democratic Party side. The odds stacked against the latter, that granted former first lady, senator and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton the nomination on a platter, has now become a source of rancor within the ranks of the Democratic Party, enough to cost the chairperson and convener of the national convention her position, as well as a striking off of her name from the list of speakers at the convention, though she may still operate in the background. The good thing is that the leaked emails which threw into limelight what the Bernie Sanders’ camp had always suspected, came after he had endorsed Hillary, and thankfully even though the anger in Bernie is palpable he stopped short of retracting his endorsement of Hillary Clinton as Democratic nominee for president, though his supporters are sure to bare their minds in Philadelphia as the Democratic National Convention gets under way. The consolation he’ll get from this will be that the system will definitely be modified, especially in terms of cutting the power of superdelegates, though it’s doubtful that he will directly benefit from it.


You should be able to tell by now that my sympathy lies with the Democratic Party, and by extension Hillary Clinton. I guess that non-Americans the world over have in the majority, those who support that party over the Republicans, and moreso now that the best they appeared to have managed to put out is a megalomaniac in the person of Mr. Trump. I am not surprised though that the Republicans moved in that direction, because I have never really felt that Americans are a sophisticated people. Yes, there’s this half that mirrors all that the rest of the world wants in a people and a country/nation, but yet there’s the very loud (more than) half, that’s steeped in the old way of doing things, who cannot tell the difference between a musket and a semi-automatic assault rifle (when they vehemently defend their “divine” right to bear arms), for instance and that verbose mob usually find themselves in the Republican Party. I have always wondered why an American will think of an African as living in the bush, when there’s more bush and Forest in the States, where one is more likely to have a wild animal photo bomb a photoshoot than anywhere else in Africa, but that’s another matter for another day.

A person like Trump could never win an election in the more sophisticated western Europe, same goes for George W. Bush, but the Americans did it for George, and may yet still do it for Trump, if the Democrats don’t get their acts together and ensure they don’t throw away this opportunity that’s been availed them on a platter, because the way I see this, the presidency is Hillary’s to lose. I hope that the national convention this week, will be such that will allow for the closing of ranks, with all sides bringing their reasonable selves to understanding, to avoid the kind of drama we witnessed last week with the Republicans. I look forward to galvanizing speeches by Presidents Obama and Bill Clinton, and possibly a voice from the future of the Democratic Party, like Obama was during the convention that birthed Bill Clinton’s second term.

I don’t expect Senator Bernie Sanders to do to Hillary what Ted Cruz did to Donald Trump last week, that earned him a roaring of boos from the audience, which even turned their backs to him as they faced a Trump who had appeared on another side of the convention grounds. A few commentators have opined that Cruz may yet benefit from his failed act of mutiny and dissent, should Trump lose woefully to Hillary, and the Republicans begin to seek a new rallying point in the next election cycle. He could also be seen as one who broke ranks with the objectives of the party, such that even a Trump loss will not benefit him, but relegate him further to the doldrums, even herald an end to his political career, but only time will tell.

I know I speak the mind of many outside of the United States, in pleading with Americans to vote Hillary Clinton for president. This is despite Obama’s half brothers’ support for Donald Trump. Siblings are like that, even I couldn’t agree with my brother on anything, hence much shouldn’t be made or read into that. The recent spate of attacks on western civilization by Islamic fundamentalists, which seems to fuel Islamophobia (not just in the USA), and playing into Trump’s rhetoric notwithstanding, because he has no definite solution to this menace. I doubt even Hillary Clinton has one, but she sure has the temperament to ameliorate it, based on experience compared to Trump’s tendency to aggravate an already bad situation, because of his seeming lack of tact and deep introspection to think things through. Unlike the very cerebral Barrack Obama, Donald Trump seems more spinal and such a person leading the most powerful country in the world, will draw the uncertainty index to limits never before attained.

I am glad that he isn’t raising as much money as Hillary, but even that isn’t enough because it doesn’t appear like Hillary’s supporters are as aggressive as Trumps’, which most often than not is an election decider, from Obama’s time to Buhari’s in Nigeria, where though many knew what a Buhari presidency may herald elected more to sitting on their behinds, while the mob went on to return Nigeria to the analog years. Hillary Clinton and her camp cannot now be complacent. Americans must elect Hillary Clinton despite all her sins (let he who hasn’t, cast the first stone), they should relish the possibility of having a female as president, even if it is to stand with their peers in the United Kingdom and Germany. Shouldn’t it interest Americans to see how the world will be handled by women in these great countries in such positions of authority?





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