It’s three years already since I started blogging here, and I must confess that it’s been quite one hell of an experience. For one, there was always something to learn from the challenges thrown up at every juncture. I think the site throws these up sometimes to expose the blogger to other ways of doing things seeing that most often than not, any challenge I overcome while blogging on WordPress kind of disappears after it is surmounted, or when it pops up once a while it doesn’t displace the former alternative classic way of doing things. Also, I have found over these few months that a classic devil you know is better than the upgrade Angel you don’t know, because severally I have had to go off for a long length of time because an upgrade refused to allow me post my article, or provided no option for posting pictures or the likes using my phone (which is my main blogging tool), in fact it got so bad at some point in the past year, that I had to resuscitate my first blog which had lain dormant for months, till I was able to restore classic here and continue. The good that came of that was that I now blog on two spaces, namely – WordPress and Blogspot, which though I started before the one on WordPress, I had to abandon when it appeared difficult to make posts there using a smartphone until very recently. I cannot now say whether that was due to a better smartphone or it was the site that became more mobile friendly.

Finding some stability in the way I blog may not have impacted the frequency with which I have been blogging though, in fact it is with much stress that I write this as it appears that my muse may be on some long holiday. So long that at some point I entertained fears that this may just be how my blogging career will end (almost as soon as it debuted), and I know a few blogs much like that, even one run by a friend that hadn’t witnessed another input since 2010. I do not know yet what to blame for this sudden disinterest in writing that has enveloped me these past few months. The only time I seemed to be inspired to write was when tragedy struck my family, and the blog provided a leeway for me to let off steam and pent up grief, my writing before and after that however, has been somewhat dour.

I had decided long ago never to force my writings, learning to write only when I was compelled to so do by the urge I get, but it didn’t mean I won’t get worried when there’s delayed response from the centres that move me to write, like the kind of worry I’m currently entertaining now, whereby I find that not even the event of a third anniversary in blogging was strong enough to instil in me a subject related to write about. I fear that by the time I’m done grinding these few lines out it may not make much sense because of the condition under which I qwerty this.


One thing I could do on a day as this is to celebrate the fact that I am alive, alive enough to write something today of all days, yes commemorating the day it all started, when tweets, updates and notes on Facebook didn’t feel enough not just to air my views, but to have that space that feels personal enough for me, to drive the narrative as I deem fit (you will never appreciate the joy this act of selfishness brings till you start blogging). Why shouldn’t I be grateful that I have touched a few lives with some of the subjects I’ve broached on here? Or be thankful for those who have followed me this far, whose valuable contributions have in no small measure modified for the better how I now blog, besides giving me great insights, even new perspectives on subjects I created.

Till date, I am able to respond to almost all comments from readers of my blog, and I understand that it’s mainly because there aren’t much of them, and I’m not that too busy not to notice them. I believe that I would still be able to do that should the number of comments geometrically increase because I treasure such engagements from which I have greatly benefited. I suppose that the ever increasing categories and tags I cover will allow for greater engagements over time, as the audience become more diverse with the ever widening scope of subjects on array.

A day such as this is a moment to celebrate friends who may not know that by their simple gestures of liking, sharing, commenting, even reading, on my blog and other sites where I share my blogposts, encourage me to continue to write, (even without the blessings of a muse). This time however, I will desist from mentioning names for fear that I may anger those who I may unintentionally omit, as has been the case in the past, of which in one particular instance my attention was drawn to my “indiscretion” by a very close friend. This is also because, besides those whose response can be measured by their activities on my blog, there are several more who don’t feel they need to do so, while passionately following every post I put out, like I do others whom I read avidly but feel no compulsion to comment, like or share their posts despite agreeing with their assertions totally.

So, as I mark yet another year (though being very young at it still) of blogging, I can only wish I have less of days where I would lose the appetite to write about things that tickles my fancy, and more of days where and when writing on the go will be controlled at spinal level for me, like involuntary movements, and while at that putting out only those things that will positively impact those who read it, or in the worst case scenario not leave them less educated or informed than they were before burning part of their precious time on my page. I will be the first to admit that there are are lots of room for improvement still on my blog, but regardless of pace I will ensure not to tire in exploring all options as they become available, without necessarily compromising my not too rigid standards or style remarkably, as we continue on this experience together. Thank you!




  1. Full salute to you, Madukovich. Your resilience despite all the challenges is quite commendable. Your fone being your main device for blogging so far is another accolade. Don’t forget that a professional writer was once an amateur writer. Ride on sah.


    1. Lol, I don’t even know if I could blog with anything other than my phone, since it’s handy and always on the go.

      Also, many things that could be done on desktop now have mobile versions making the need for using a laptop absolutely inessential.

      Thank you for your kind words, encouragement and for being the highest commenter on my blog.


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