How it came to be that on the propitious day he was to come that her phone went berserk came as a shock to her, though it won’t be the first time her phone will be acting up, she was very uncomfortable with having to rely on her colleague and roommate to help pass calls from him to her, in a clinic rife with rumours amongst her colleague nurses about everything under the sun, chief of which is the love lives of their peers, in the short time, she had no choice.

She had known him when they both worked together at a smaller clinic in the other end of the state less than a decade ago, and for the year they worked together, where he was doctor and boss over her, he never made any attempt or showed any interest of a sexual nature in her, though severally she had been alone with him in situations that can easily be thought compromising and open to exploitation, to such ends if indeed he wanted to. She wondered if that was because he was aware that she was working towards her wedding at the time, to another who she couldn’t really tell if she loved, though he was just good enough to be married to, especially as she was gradually slipping into her late twenties back then. She had worked with other doctors who had taken advantage of her sexually, though she couldn’t really say if she didn’t also enjoy their dalliance while it lasted.

She had always had things with doctors, that sometimes she wonders how it is that she hadn’t been able to settle down with one. As a teenager, whilst still blossoming, a doctor she’d been taken to for examination by her parents after a stomach cramp complaint, fondled her breasts in the examinations room while her parents were in the consultation room. At first it looked like the normal examination but he then held on to it and started sucking till her tits stood taut, till date she still doesn’t understand why she didn’t scream to attract the attention of her parents who were just a few yards away from her in an adjoining room.

That wasn’t the first time she had been so molested, but it was the first by a much older man, and she found as she grew older that men appeared to find her breast (which grew to be quite considerable in size) irresistible, though the same couldn’t be said of her behind, which she thought should’ve done well to emulate her better upper pair. Hence her surprise, when ten years ago, she worked with this doctor that seemed totally unflustered by her seductive mammaries even on lonely occasions when she rubbed them against him, unlike the duo before him who seized upon that “invitation” to “do it” either before, during or after attending to patients for the day, even when such “rubbings” were innocent mistakes many times due to limited space within the clinic, and when also they come and rub their shoulders on her.


It interested her that the one who didn’t bother to engage in any indiscretion with her, turned out to be the one that favoured her the most. When the proprietor left him a choice to fire her, he still retained her, even during a period of economic crunch ensured that she was regularly paid, and was always a shoulder to lean on when she goes under emotionally, without asking anything in return or taking advantage of her vulnerability, even though it was difficult for her to convince her fiancé or her acquaintances that her closeness to him was as platonic as could be. They would both drink together at night in his apartment after work, and she could come in to say hello to him on her way to church on Sunday, and regardless of the hour she turns up at his, she was always welcome and yet nothing happened, and a few times she had to burn off the corniness she cultivated just from been with him by having sex with just about anyone that was lucky to walk into a private area with her. If she hadn’t seen his fiancée come to visit him from another part of the country, nor seen him involved sexually with other girls after his fiancée had returned to base, she’d have concluded he was gay or a helpless masturbator who was shy before girls.

Such was her surprise therefore, when less than four years after they had parted ways, and her wedding plans to her fiancé fell through, during a conversation on phone with him (as they kept in touch after he left to be with his fiancée and at another clinic he told her paid better than the one they both left after it went belly-up), that he told her he missed her. Afterwards, all of their subsequent conversations centred on the missed opportunities while they were together, and though she was free to start a relationship with him, he was going ahead to tie the knot with his fiancée and went ahead to invite her over to attend, which she did and even had sex with him on the eve of his wedding and in the days after before she went back to her base. Though his wife later found out about them, she simply couldn’t get over him.

She had thought that that would be the end of their relationship, but it turned out to be the opposite. Though she kept on seeing other people, none of them were as gentle and kindhearted as he was with her, and so when he managed to create time to visit her cross country she welcomed it. And so it was that annually, he would visit making her location part of his itinerary to or from his destinations, and sometimes twice in a year they would both have the luxury to be together for some hours usually nocturnally before he’ll be on his way to some other business, and her life will return to the uncertainties she could never come to terms with. This time around though, it has been two years since she last saw him, though she had maintained regular contact with him on phone and via chats, and she was so looking forward to seeing him, to once again feel what it is like to be with a man.

It had been about a year before his visit since she stopped seeing men, as it appeared that the only thing they wanted from her was sex and it had become so bad that most of them even wanted it for free. It was bad enough that none of them talked about commitment, but turning her down when she needed financial help or otherwise was tantamount to betrayal for her, especially after they might have had their way, many times in ways that should constitute rape if things were to be considered in their true sense of the word. She had managed to stay off men, not because somehow she lost the urge for sex, but rather because she had an alternative in the most unexpected of ways.

She had become close with a female member of her church, where her father had pastored before he died a few years back. This woman was also a patient at the clinic she worked and was attending antenatal classes which she coordinated at the time on Tuesdays. It was during an examination close to the time the woman was to deliver that she noticed that the woman cringed or responded sensually when she touched her. She thought nothing much of it, till she paid the woman a visit after she had been delivered of a baby boy, her third. She met her alone with the baby on that visit, as the older two were in care of neighbors at the time. After the formalities the woman simply tore into her and started sucking her tits, she pushed her away but the woman who was way thinner though a few inches taller than her somehow seemed to get strength from nowhere to pin her to the wall, wrapped her lips around her smaller lips and stifled any attempt by her to shout, before slipping her fingers into her vagina to her “G-spot”, which automatically dropped all of her guard and defences, and soon her groans of protestation turned to ecstatic moans.

The rest of that day after that experience, she felt sore allover her body with concentration areas of her body reddened, even her thin lips were swollen, but she couldn’t resist going back for more, and much later the woman also started visiting when her roomie wasn’t around. She felt jealous when her woman lover asked if she could ask her roomie to join them for a threesome, and refused electing to hold only for her pleasure this one remedy she has found for wanting sex with men. It turned out to her surprise that sex with a woman was by far better than that with a male. It was a vista she never thought she could ever explore before it came upon her, and she went as far as pitying women who abhorred sexual activity amongst women and society for criminalizing the act in her country with jail terms without option of fine. For all she cared they were naive and oblivious of what they were missing, though she remains convinced that lots of women are involved, opting to keep that aspect of their lives secret. Her female lover was introduced to it by her sister-in-law, and had continued with other females after the sister-in-law had left, before they “met” during antenatal classes. For the period she maintained her lesbian relationship, she got to meet other women who were also involved, and also learnt the signs to look out for in prospective lesbians, though it never occurred to her to scout.

She was so into the new scheme of things that even when a supposed suitor appeared to be interested in her, she worked more to hold what she shared with the woman, than pursue a more acceptable relationship with the so called suitor, with whom she bargained a no-sex arrangement till their wedding night and he agreed. When he asked her if she had accompanied anyone to do an abortion, she said “No”, but that she had had to terminate a pregnancy while she was younger, because it would bring a bad name to her family and to her father’s image as a pastor. That man didn’t talk to her again. Unlike in the past when such a situation was enough to put her into a state of depression for days on end, this one left her totally indifferent. The only person she felt, who could hurt her now is the person she was expecting that day, and was now rushing over to see at their rendezvous.

He hadn’t changed much in two years when she eventually saw him, maybe because they had been sharing pictures back and forth and always talked when the need arose and instant messaged each other almost on a daily basis. Once in his arms she felt secure and at home. She wanted to hear all about him, just as he all about her. He as usual was non-judgemental when he revealed to him how she had veered to the other side sexually, unlike her church which when it came to light that she was having a relationship with a female member went ballistic, and not only suspended both members, but before that, had the preacher make them the topic for two Sundays before their suspension was sanctioned. Interestingly, the prophet she was referred to for counseling and prayers for deliverance from the evil clutches of lesbianism, made passes at her, then called her hours after she had been to see him to arrange to meet him at a hotel for a quickie, saying that since he laid eyes upon her, he hasn’t been himself. She didn’t refuse his advances, but made herself present at the hotel incidentally when she was menstruating to the disgust of the prophet, who quickly discharged her with some wads of currency notes for transport after having her promise to come when she was “clean”. She hadn’t gone back since.

In the arms of her true love that night she cried, not because he was hard on her but quite on the contrary. The roughness of her lesbian sexual activity of the past few months had left her walls dry and quite difficult to easily moisten, making sexual intercourse painful initially before getting better. She found that he didn’t go on to take the plunge when he noticed her discomfort, but rather got some water to wet her vulva before going in. She likes him for such considerate measures, for he never considered sex only for his own pleasure but rather for both of them and she envied his wife the more for that. She felt like the lucky one that night as they both went to heaven and back, and heaven and back, and heaven and back, and she hoped they could just be like that forever.




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