For a while before my last post (which was actually time dependent and I had no choice but to publish), I decided to give blogging some space, not because the hunger isn’t there, or I have run out of subjects to blog about. I couldn’t also say that my muse abandoned me (evidenced by my last post, which I wrote when I had to), rather twas just that I couldn’t bring myself to continue without doing a review of my blog. It was pertinent that I reminded myself of my reason for doing this in the first place. A kinda soul searching exercise to see if I am still on track, and to reflect on what exactly the track was, is and wont to be.

I decided very early in this journey to not focus on a particular subject as seeing that my earlier attempt to do so, by way of authoring a book, failed woefully. So far I doubt that I have strayed from that objectives, as I have become highly unpredictable in the scope of my writings and that includes even in individual blog posts, where I have severally made core digressions over the crux of the matter, so many times that I then had to do adjoining instalments to address the initial subject. Though it may be an unusual way to write, I do feel better going that route than sticking to path when I feel nudged to expatiate on the digression.


Once I raised this issue with my readers I only got a response from one of my loyal and very avid reader, as well as critic of my work, Ogidi Musso James who said he found absolutely nothing wrong with my style of writing, and even going as far as to encourage me to do better at it. I would’ve considered an alternative path if someone else (or more people) had contradicted him, but again I considered that if I derived joy writing the way I do, I wouldn’t want to exchange that for a less than optimal feeling just so to please others, though I am reminded to be humble and taste the wind occasionally, because if my work remains unread (due to my refusal to compromise) the purpose for putting my thoughts out there will be totally defeated, the reason why I put the question out in the first place.

The thought that MADUKOVICH’S COGITATIONS might be considered rather academic in outlook, led me to birth “noesis” (, where I could publish short lighthearted posts that readers who loathe academic looking stuff can easily relate to. Interestingly, like an old dog you can’t teach new tricks, I have found myself failing in keeping even that true to its essence a few times. It is my intention to get to the point where those few instances are totally wiped out on that blog.

Maintaining a wide range in the reach of the audience pool is what I desire the most, presently I wish to expand the scope of subjects I cover to include something for everyone of all ages, gender, philosophy and creed. I would love to foray to areas that the reaches of the human mind resides, from the trivia to the very important, tangible to the abstract, familiar to the esoteric, even in that oblique and dark recesses in which some human minds reside, if I could reach it, as well as those who walk such corridors. I couldn’t imagine passing through life, regardless of the length of time spent without careering those nooks, even if it were just for a look see, and to document my findings from my own perspective while at it.

If I am able to do this within the next year, then I would be more than fulfilled. Fulfilled in the sense of providing new perspectives on life and issues relating to our existence here. Fulfilled in the sense that my space provide an avenue for free thought and discourse, where no thought or idea is considered taboo, and everyone leaves every blog post of mine with one positive lesson/impact or the other. That will be my idea of blogging successfully this year. Walk with me.




4 thoughts on “BLOGGING FORWARD

  1. I came across a quote: “A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” So keep up with the good work – your passion which doubles as educative to the potential world.

    Based on my assessment, you’re fully on track so keep it up. From Madukovich.WordPress to Noesis definitely indicates improvement on your path and you can do more in other areas.

    Let the deep blue sky be your limit over your idea of a successful blogging this year.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words Oga, words like yours are more than enough fuel that keeps me going.

      I hope this confidence reposed in me will be duly rewarded with posts that will touch lives positively.

      Once again thank you Sir!


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