I think this is where like THE COUNT in Sesame Street of yore, I would like a thunderclap after counting to FOUR, as it’s now been four years since I tasted alcohol. This is no mean feat considering that before I took the decision to embrace sobriety, it looked almost impossible a situation to fathom. Friends who had known me back then and hadn’t seen me since then would be very shocked at how it came to be that I gave up the bottle.

When I tell people my story, they say I must not have been a heavy drinker by the time I stopped, I also do not go on to try to prove that I was, but I ask them if they ever got to the point where they lost their memory for up to six hours after a binge, and have to call up friends when they came to, to fill them in on the missing parts of the time they spent together? When they answer to the negative, then I go on to reveal to them that that didn’t even happen to me only once but severally.

I cherish my memory a lot and though I’d love to live to a ripe old age, I have nursed a genuine fear for Alzheimer’s since I first came across the word. It probably informs why I write almost everything about me down, even TO DO lists which I update severally daily, besides a myriad of alerts to do things which I set my phone up to. The memory loss part was one major aspect, amonsgt several equally important reasons, that influenced my decision to quit drinking and embrace sobriety. It was one strange feeling I’d rather not have to experience ever again, and regardless of the unpleasantness (and of course the pleasantness) of the memories that lie within me, I’d rather have nothing mess with them than to the contrary.

I cannot but reiterate once more how the ability to take responsibility for ALL my actions without being under the influence, especially of a mind altering substance like alcohol, gives me great pleasure. That, coupled with the fact that I do not have to set apart a budget for alcohol has really encouraged me to trudge on, even in the face of mockery, like at pubs that I still visit regularly, social gatherings and the likes, when with the food or any other chewable I simply make like you’d do when drinking alcohol only that I do that with just water, many times in a plastic bottle.


Though, I lost a few friends who couldn’t adjust to my new way of life, I gained several others, who couldn’t give a hoot if I spoiled their alcohol table with my bottles of clear, crisp and cold water. I was even doing well with the cold water, which is fast doing to my brain what alcohol used to do, till I met this killjoy of a man who claimed with pictorial (more like video) evidence that cold water makes fat/lipids float and become indigestible, and ends up narrowing blood vessels, and I grudgingly agreed with him, but accepted to quit drinking cold water too at a date yet to be agreed. It’s not always good to rush things I surmised. Ah!

On the occasion of my fourth year since quitting, I am proud to say I have no regret for towing this path this far. It remains one of the very few decisions I have taken in life, that seemed to benefit me greatly, hence requiring that I potentiate it with all the strength that I can muster. It is important that I do this because one cannot be too sure about anything in life, enough to say that a condition one has imbibed will NEVER change. I know better than to make such a claim, which is why with every opportunity I raise justifications that support this way, as against what was obtainable in my drinking past. Hopefully, if I get to live as long as many people desire to, I’d do so sober till the end.




6 thoughts on “SOBRIETY STILL

  1. Note: by the time water enters the blood stream it will be at blood heat no matter what temperature it was when one imbibed. I dislike iced water as it makes makes my teeth hurt (and also requires electricity to make the ice).


    1. Now that makes a load of sense. I’m so happy that I don’t now have to give up my sweet li’l cold water.

      Sorry to learn what iced water does to you, but I don’t see a hypersensitivity situation that a desensitizing paste, or possibly a Root Canal Treatment cannot take care of.

      I take it that you must care about the effects of Global Warming and the likes, due to your reference to electricity. I care about nature as well, but I don’t go as far as denying myself such pleasures as refrigeration affords.

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  2. That’s quite good of you. Your consistency in sobriety is noteworthy. May you obtain the grace to remain in that realm.

    I may have towed same path with you but didn’t because over the years (even as you can also testify to it), I tried my best to minimise the quantity of my intake of alcohol whenever I’m out there and I never drink at home. May God help us in our sober states.

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    1. If I’d drunk moderately and sensibly like you do, I won’t have resorted to going dry.

      Alcohol ain’t exactly bad, it is the man who should decide who/what rules. I lost rulership to the bottle, hence it became trite to quit, the same doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone.

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  3. M’khail, Congrats on your milestone.

    It reminded me of my own rejection of drugs many decades ago when I was a teenager. I definitely enjoy living in the moment and found that having my mind altered was a most distressing condition. Regrettably, I still drink alcohol occasionally. Even that is occuring less and less often as I do not enjoy waking up the next day dehydrated with a foul taste in my mouth. Even after only one beer or glass of wine. I even had trouble with too much coffee once when it occurred to me that my eyeballs began vibrating after noon, making it very hard to concentrate. Apparently we were created with very low tolerance to excess in most things of the earth and none whatsoever for some things.

    If only sin were a common poison whose mere presence would be universally repulsive. I am sure that abstention of it would lead to clarity for us all.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more totally with your last line. If only that were the situation.

      Interestingly, I haven’t been able to deal with other indiscretions of mine the way I have managed with alcohol, despite several attempts, but I am glad that I think about quitting those as well.

      I thought about alcohol like that too before quitting, hence I believe that one day, I will through the same means quit indulging in those too.


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