Mark was shocked to see his friend Hank not long after he found himself in a place he suspected to be THE HEREAFTER, waiting for his fate to be decided, either for bliss or hades, following an ugly incident which saw him plucked suddenly from life on earth.

Hank was the last person he expected to find there, at least not this soon, because at the time the cannibals were about to behead him (Mark), he saw Hank making his way out of the bush with what looked like palm kernels, and figured Hank could easily swallow five of those and escape the death sentence at the hands of the cannibals, who abducted him, Hanks and another survivor (a bespectacled older man) of the plane crash, while they were trying to make their way out of the jungle where their plane had crashed (in the middle of nowhere on what looked like one of the remotest places on earth), hours back.

He couldn’t have known what the cannibals had in mind when they asked them to go to the nearby bushes, collect five fruits of their choice and return with them. He had collected five mangoes under the watchful eyes of his captors, only to see hope fade (on returning to the cannibal’s camp), when they informed him that he would be let off, to live, if he could swallow all five mangoes one after the other, without making a sound.

Aware of the futility of the venture, he simply submitted his neck to be guillotined but not before he saw Hank sauntering back with the palm kernel-looking nuts, and was glad that atleast one of them would survive to recount their tale, assuming that the cannibals will keep to their words, hence his surprise at seeing Hank in the hereafter, more so just shortly after he arrived.

Farmer holding armful of pineapples_ (P

He couldn’t blame Hank much, when he heard his sorry tale, which was that he (Hank) confidently began swallowing his palm kernels (for that was what it was), once the terms and conditions were read to him, though with some discomfort (which he endured seeing that his life depended on it) and was on the third kernel, trying his best not to end up as his decapitated friend Mark (whose body was lying just a few meters from where he was), only for him to burst into raucous laughter when he sighted the third plane crash survivor (whose name he never really got), approaching from the bush with a sack filled with PINEAPPLES.




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