Since I discovered the words – “IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING”, popularized by the Legend, MOHAMMED ALI, I haven’t been able to bring myself to stop mouthing it. Though it may have been a few years back that I found use for them as a means to inspire me, my life has actually been running on something similar, if not exactly on the words. I just seem to have found the mantra which gives some meaning and power to the course and direction it is careering.

I don’t even want to begin to mention the many instances when the words rang true for me, for right from the onset, and having seen a bit of some miraculous turnarounds in many situations where I had totally lost hope over certain matters, I have garnered enough experiences to further cement within me that the same is true, even when in some cases I literarily snatched victory out of the jaws of preeminent defeat.

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It does feel like it should actually read “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE”, but infact reading it backwards is what makes it more meaningful and interesting to and for me, seeing that somehow, in the seeming senselessness of reading the words backwards, comes so much that makes sense, even in its “ungrammaticality”, such that the audacity of its use in that manner appeals to me much.

I may come across to many as a pessimist, but that is usually people’s (the ones I have encountered) definition of my realist streak, that makes me not expect much from anything ab initio, thereby not feeling too disappointed when things don’t go as planned. But deep inside of me, I am an optimist by default, many times I shock myself with my audacity to hope, even against hope against all odds, that things will change just a moment after admitting, with empirical evidence before me, that things will probably remain the same.

I have even considered that for those without some faith in one supreme being or the other, or in some divine intervention or the other, or the realignment of the cosmos and stuff of the likes, that just the passage of time has a way of bringing solution, even to conditions hitherto thought to be insoluble. This is in the light of science and technological advancements that we are inundated with, on a daily basis, making it pertinent for him who desires what, to ensure only to be alive (by means he could possibly manage) until such a time as the researchers or nature, through hard work or stroke of luck, could come upon the possible solution to the challenge(s) bedeviling the one or create conditions that make the challenges an advantage, and while at it, also saving up, as such breakthroughs usually attract handsome sums for the ones intending to procure them for their benefits for whatever reason at the initial periods. And that is looking at it from a point of view that’s devoid of miracles, faith and divine intervention which I cannot readily beat my chest to deny the existence or possibility thereof.

Therefore, knowing all these makes it very difficult for me to refuse to hope, that things can change for the better, and that no situation should simply be declared irreversible, it probably is just that the means to reverse it as yet, hasn’t been found.





  1. Muhammad Ali’s tenor was melodic, persuasive, perceptive and as beautiful wings on a cloud. “Impossible is nothing,” allows one to realize the potential rests within. Your expose highlights this.

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