This truly isn’t a good time to be black. Not that there had been a time in ancient and in recent times when being black came with good tidings, like how it is famously wondered how a good thing could come from Nazareth.No time comes to mind now, that can be considered as “Uhuru Time” for the black man as I write this.

As a boy I used to have dreams of being a superhero, interestingly the superheroes I dreamt to be were whites, and it didn’t for once occur to me, how it could be that I would on growing up to become the superhero, turn white.

Luckily, I became black conscious quite early in life and those dreams also stopped, atleast the part where the superhero I become is white. I guess that the same couldn’t be said for the many who today are undergoing or have undergone procedures to make their skin lighter, amongst others aimed at restructuring their physical attributes to suit that of the preferred caucasoid race.

You wouldn’t blame them if you have ever had to bear and carry the yoke that being black confers on one, and the same is true regardless of the region anywhere in the world where you find someone of a darker skin.

From the days past of slave trade, with roots in considering the black man of an inferior capacity to the white man, which even till recent times the aborigines of Australia weren’t considered human enough. But I am not even so perturbed by the racism the black man has had to endure, or the profiling he has had to live with everywhere he goes (you need to read some of the notes of early colonizers to Africa to have a feel of how whites who were at the time encountering blacks for the first time in Africa thought of them, and seemingly explained many of the actions of the latter, even when they hadn’t sought explanations from the

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natives, because of language barrier, to understand this), to this day, when white cops in the United States are busy shooting down (many times) unarmed black men without or at the slightest provocation, the latest of which happened in Tulsa in the United States where a deputy Sherriff shot an already subdued black man with a gun, thinking (according to him) that he was handling a taser. Revelations of this sort coming forth now because of video evidence from handheld devices that almost everyone now owns and walks about town with, compared to years back when many of these so called “accidents” were simply glossed over and covered up by the police, while innocent black victims of such police highhandedness, nay “trigger-happiness”, were wrongfully deemed criminals and buried as such.

I don’t even want to talk about apartheid, or any of the other afflictions imposed on blacks by people of other races, because by the time I return from the digression there will be no time and space left to visit my point for this missive, which is to berate how it came to be that, rather than for the Black Man to collectively unite and work towards achieving a common purpose, sections of blacks the world over have swooned upon the other, in acts aimed at eliminating any group they see as working at cross purposes to their agenda.

It was so in Rwanda in the 1990’s when the Hutu turned on the Tutsi, an artificial arrangement by the colonialists, and led to the killing of thousands within a few days, amongst a myriad of other tribal and ethno-religious conflicts that dot the landscape of Black Africa, now almost on a yearly basis.

The most disgusting for me is with the BLOOD and CRIPS in the United States, of blacks in the poor and black neighbourhoods of Los Angeles and other majorly black populated areas there, and their variants worldwide; of black people facing the same challenges, especially of ostracization, with basically no difference physically or otherwise, but then went ahead to place upon themselves the burden of different colours “for dressing”, of Red and Blue respectively (as with the Bloods and Crips) and any other colour that may suit the fantasy even of student and neighbourhood cult gangs in Nigeria (and elsewhere), of which members of the one gang go making of members of the other, objects of Assault Riffle (or any other weapon at their disposal at the point in time) -target practice, for no just cause (not like there has to be one, for black people to go on mowing down fellow blacks, and snuffing life out of their fellow men/women just because they dwell on different sides of an “artificial” divide).

If I hadn’t lost the ability to spontaneously shed tears, I’d have broken down in one, when news filtered in yesterday, of a migrant boat conveying Africans to the shores of Italy, where fifteen muslim men of Ivorian, Senegalese and Malian origin, were arrested by Italian authorities as news came to light that they threw twelve of their West African counterparts from Nigeria and Ghana who were Christians into the sea, following an argument and had it not been for the resilience of the remaining passengers who then bonded together as one to challenge and prevent further carnage, they would have also condemned a few more to their watery grave alive.

This is after I have been agonizing over the xenophobic attacks on African migrants in South Africa, for the umpteenth time, for which I had also written, at a time it was still localized in Durban with about five black African migrants lynched, not even now that it has been reported that shops and businesses belonging to migrant Africans in Johannesburg were attacked overnight.

That is the same South Africa, where the most the blacks can do and have done even against racist, white supremacy-agenda spewing whites (who not only suppressed them with Apartheid in the recent past and now still visits the native aborigine blacks with hatred- sometimes even for their love- but continue to hold the reins of the economy, that is at the root of the anger of desperate and frustrated blacks), is to deface and pull down statues of fallen white colonialists and apartheid era icons.

What indeed is the problem with the blackman in seeing in another Blackman the cause of his predicament? How long can we continue like this? Aaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhh!!




  1. Our problem as Blacks is: we are our own enemies; we hate to see us progress; we become nauseous at the sight of positive change. Our eyes are darkened, talk less of our minds. Lord have mercy!!!

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  2. I agree with what you have written. I believe that what is happening is a deterioration of humanity with man against man and especially with blacks turning on their own. It isn’t enough that my white race has demeaned blacks and categorized them as inferior and criminals but then to have blacks turn on each other is even more difficult to witness. When indeed will we learn to treat each other with compassion and humanity?

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