Just a nibble vampire blood sucking bite

As a kid, he’d always loved licking his own blood after sustaining a wound. Since everyone his age was doing it, it didn’t feel awkward, except for the fact that because he particularly gained so much pleasure from it, he tended to look forward to wounding himself or cherished getting involved in an accident, just so he could suck his own blood.

At a time most boys were interested in other things, his interest was piqued by the particular parts of the body that insects and other animals that fed on blood, latched onto to have their fill of the red metallic tasting fluid of humans. He was intrigued by the mosquito sucking off the blood vessel at the heel (wishing he had him some proboscis too), jugular and back of the ear amongst others; and when he first saw the leech in action in a TV documentary, that documentary became one of his favourite shows on TV for sometime.

The things that interested him in his teens about the opposite sex were different from those that interested boys his age. He wasn’t looking at the girls’ bossoms when like the boys, he starred longingly at their chests, but at how their heart seemed to want to burst out of their thoracic cavity. It felt like he could hear their hearts beat, sometimes even follow the pulsation of the blood as it made its way to and from the arteries and veins to the heart. The girls that appealed more to him were the longnecked ones, of which he always found irresistible the sight of their prominent jugular vein, and if not for the girl finding it awkward, could stare at such endowed girraffy-necks for as long as he wasn’t noticed or distracted.

Again, he felt it must just be about his fetish to be enthralled by blood, and the vessels that convey it, and nothing more, hence neither he nor those close to him found anything outside the ordinary, only that personally he was having to cut himself just so to elicit blood for his consumption, as he’d grown old enough to avoid accidents he rampantly had as a kid, that provided the much he needed to fulfill his thirst for blood then.

This thirst for blood grew by the day, and by adolescence he had managed to organize a schedule that allowed him phlebotomize himself at different points on his body (which healed instantaneously) to avoid pricking the same point in a week, which would have required more time to heal and hence be noticed by acquaintances. He’d discovered that unlike people who’d turn pale when they lost blood, he appeared fresher after drinking what he’d lost. Soon enough it became obvious that his blood wasn’t going to be enough for him and then it began to make sense, all that was happening to him as a kid, with the mosquito, the leech, and his penchant for gazing longingly at prominent blood vessels, especially of females.

There appeared to him to be only one course of action when the time came for him to choose a course of study for a future career. He was naturally inclined towards blood, and medicine was the clearest choice. Lab scientists dealt with so much blood, but what he needed was blood, warm, the kind that was available only to surgeons in the theatre with the patient “opened up” beneath them. He wasn’t happy when he couldn’t get acceptance to study medicine at the university, so he grudgingly settled for Dentistry, his second choice.

It wasn’t until his clinical years that he realized that that was the best decision he could have ever made. He had found during his General Surgery postings that the surgeon could never be alone during surgeries, and wondered how someone like him could’ve managed his thirst with all the blood that will be available during a major surgery. With dentistry, he could be alone with the patient for some while, as the Dental Surgery Assistant, DSA looked away, taking care of other things or even on request, though the pints available for sipping would be much less than as would be in the former, but it was time really that mattered, and the lower risk of getting caught in the act.

One of the activities he enjoyed during his university days, was having sex with women especially when they were menstruating, he could smell when they were “ON”, and tended to be drawn to them at the time when many a man were wont to be drawn away; and wouldn’t pass up on the opportunity for a “soixante-neuf”, when the girlfriend or “one night stand” at the point in time didn’t object. He was so carried away with one at some point that she passed out while he was vigorously licking and sucking at her. He grew scared that she might die, only for her to wake, pale and looking drained, to pester him endlessly to repeat what it was he did to her the first time they had sex, but he refused to oblige her for her life’s sake, and felt no hurt in letting her go eventually, weeks later, after she tired of protesting his refusal to reenact for her the best sex she ever had!

He continued to “hold” himself when he graduated as a dentist, and did his internship under supervision, but once he was free to practice, he deviced several measures to draw blood from his patients in his private practice as the years wore on; many times during tooth extractions or more complex surgeries like placing implants in the alveolar bone of the jaws, via conduits into himself, to the consternation of one of his DSA’s who once found no trace of blood in the collector bottle of the suction machine, following one very bloody procedure he’d carried out.

Then, it came to this, as even blood from his practice became insufficient for his insatiable thirst for blood. That which he had always dreaded had now come to pass, as he fixed his gaze on the still form, of what had been his flirty patient earlier in the day, while contemplating his next move, after he would’ve perfected his escape from what will soon be described as a murder scene. She had been the only one she could see that day, as she set the stage with suggestive monologues which started with her noticing how pretty young he looked for his age, before conveniently hitting him in all the right spots at every given opportunity under the guise of responding to pain from his activity in her mouth, as he carried out the dental procedure for which she had made the appointment.

The rest of the day was a rollercoaster. From the Chinese restaurant to her cosy appartment. He was swept away by her acts of seduction, and when they had sex, it was raw and animalistic, her erotic chants when she “came” was guttural, whipping him up into a frenzy to go all out for her and into her. In the ensuing excitement she motioned his head down to her vagina, and he responded in kind, but she wasn’t menstruating and with adrenalin ferociously pouring into him, he smelt blood in her femoral, and sunk his teeth therein, to which she responded with a shrill cry that ended abruptly in silence.




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