The story of Moses is one that’s always captivated me. The only movie about him, that I’m yet to see is the latest controversial one – “Exodus: Gods and Kings”, besides reading other tales with the same context as with the Sumerian and Chaldean versions etc.

Moses is the central figure in Judaism. Interestingly, it took another Moses (Maimonides), millennia later to come as close to him in terms of reverence, but even that is only as related with Judaism’s jurisprudence, but not in terms of near deity status that the former Moses enjoyed. A possible reason why the crowd he led from Egypt thought of making for themselves a GOLDEN CALF to lead them, once Moses turned aside to commune with YAHWEH, culminating in the granting to the former of the 10 COMMANDMENTS!

But I’m not just about Moses for Moses’ sake, but rather about his deed that’s made him an unforgettable HERO and LEGEND amongst his people forever, and by extension and association, amongst many who have had contact with stories about him, via the Bible or other texts, as well as in movies and music.

His sizeable contribution to the Abrahamic religions cannot be overemphasized, chief of which is how he led the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt, out of the land of bondage, with YAHWEH’s help. Even without seeing the effects and stunts in the many movies ( the animated ones as well), many who have read the written account have also found it very intriguing, making it one of the most interesting Bible Stories, of course, as well as the most controversially unbelievable stories in the Bible (and there are several documentaries done to butress that aspect as well, to massage the ego of skeptics and atheists worldwide).

Having said all that, I shall now stick to the main sauce, which is about what YAHWEH enabled through Moses i.e. the commemoration of the FEAST OF PASSOVER. According to Bible records, the Passover included the last meal, the Hebrews had in Egypt before proceeding out of that land of bondage, and they ate the UNLEAVENED BREAD and BITTER HERBS (symbolizing their days of pain in bondage to their Egyptian masters), with ROAST LAMB, in haste. While they ate, an ANGEL OF DEATH swept through Egypt killing the firstborn sons of Egyptian families, sparing those of Israel in Goshen who had been forewarned to apply the blood of the Passover lamb on the doorposts and lintel of their homes,

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which is what the angel of death needed to see to “PASS OVER” their homes, and spare the families the painful loss of their firstborn sons.

The Israelites continued to celebrate this feast while in the wilderness, and then onto the PROMISED LAND, the land of Canaan, to the time of the Kings (and building of the temple), to their deportation to Babylon (and destruction of the temple), and return after seventy years (to the rebuilding of the temple, desecration of same much later and subsequent rededication), to the time when Yahshua was born with Herod I (The Great) as king of Judea (who wanted Yahshua killed, much like the scenario under which Moses was born), then lived and was killed during the reign of Herod Antipas just before the feast of Passover commenced, because HE was to be the PASSOVER LAMB for that year, as well as been the final sacrifice for the sins of mankind, symbolized by the shredding/renting of the veil shielding the HOLY of HOLIES, in the temple, giving a new meaning to Passover.

Thus The Feast Of Passover became, not only a commemoration of how YAHWEH by his Mighty Arm delivered the children of Israel from bondage in Egypt, but how Yahshua by shedding his blood on the stake at Calvary (in becoming the Passover Lamb) offered hope of SALVATION for mankind – having obtained ETERNAL REDEMPTION for us – removing the gulf that existed between man and his Creator, and becoming the mediator of the NEW COVENANT!

This is why this years’ Passover, like others I’ve celebrated before now, instil within me hope, not only of a better and liberated tomorrow from life’s challenges (Egypt), but of a secure hereafter in the *”….city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is YAHWEH.”


* (Hebrews 11 : 10)



  1. There are so many corrolations between Moses and Jesus, between Passover and the crucifixion. Thanks for writing about some of them. Easter joy to you! BTW, I got this link via LinkedIn email.

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    1. Thanx for noticing.

      There are indeed many similarities, and while Moses assured redemption physically for Israelites, Yahshua purchased spiritual redemption, this time with his blood.


  2. There are many questions left unanswered about Moses, aren’t there? As, for example, the absence of any evidence that his people were ever present in Egypt, or the way the ‘plagues’ are represented. To me, the Exodus story is a fine example of ‘spinning’.


    1. I did allude to that in the fourth paragraph, though refrained from expatiating further, since it wasn’t the reason for the post.

      Personally, I have stopped looking for evidence for Biblical stories and recorded events, electing to by Faith accepting that which is written, using same to encourage, reprove and edify myself.


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