THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE (2004) featuring LIEV SCHREIBER and DENZEL WASHINGTON remain one of my favourite movies till date.

The subject of the movie intrigues me a lot because I wonder if the kind of brainwashing portrayed in the movie can be reenacted in real life, especially in using hypnotism to bring about the kind of results I saw in the movie.

New Hot Trends for Teens_ Mass Hysteria and Hypno

Even if one agrees that such could be made reality, the possibility that the same could be extended to a larger population in terms of a state or country seemed almost beyond me to contemplate, even though a semblance of this was achieved via subtler methods and mechanisms in Germany with the NAZIs in the 1930s.

Religion is another place to look when seeking a comparison, as you will find in churches in Nigeria where impoverished masses give their all to massage the ego, as well as satiate the hunger for material things of gluttonous MOGs (Men Of God), even in America as with the recent attempt by Pastor Creflo Dollar to have members of his congregation foot the bill of a luxury gulfstream jet, with which he intended to spread the “word of Christ” to the nooks and crannies of the earth.

I witnessed something akin to MOB HYPNOTISM recently, which appeared to me like visiting on the populace something similar to what was portrayed in the above mentioned favorite movie of mine, in what I have now termed “THE MANCHURIAN ELECTORATE”, and for which it became pertinent to qwerty this. It was how something that was hitherto considered unacceptable among the populace was made acceptable, even likeable enough to be declared as THE WAY forward. I could never have believed that a WHITEWASHED SEPULCHRE could find personification in time and space, all in the name of innovation, that even the legendary and foremost proponent of it, the revered weeping philosopher, HERACLITUS of Ephesus, will shudder in his grave to learn of.

The well orchestrated plan of the promoters of this transmogrification, was overtly and covertly executed, many times even employing the reactions of the opposing side to execute their agenda, to their opponents chagrin. The fact that they effectively joined the race much later, did not stop them from achieving their aim. For while their opponents worked tirelessly to achieve theirs, these ones simply picked holes in every of their activities, on the one hand, and stoking flames of distractions for them on the other.

Eventually, when they were set to throw their own into the ring, way behind the one that was supposedly the frontrunner, their opponent laughed, thinking that this, like at previous times, will be a one horse race, but they were in for a rude shock this one time.

The first port of call for the purveyors of this transubstantiation (once the battle line was drawn), was history which they marked out for distortion. Everything, that cast their own in bad light was played down, even in some cases removed and replaced with favourable tales, many of which were spurious; thereafter they went on to build a BABEL OF LIES, finding TABULA RASAS in frustrated youths and legitimately disenchanted adults (who wanted a clean break from the shenanigans, aloofness and chicanery of the old and present order), whom they fed their myriad of untruths and grandiose promises.

The HORDE simply swallowed everything they were told hook, line and sinker, and went on to verbally lynch, spewing bile and venom, all those who attempted to make them see that there was nothing novel in what was been brought to the table, besides the fact that worse still, their extenuated movement was founded on a nub of deception, of which many of the promises can at best be described as illusory. This majority, of catechized individuals, once indoctrinated with ideas aimed at tearing down the strongholds of the status quo, spread same like wild fire; like cancer cells will metastasize to new sites of the host body, lurching forward at every given opportunity, seeking new minds to reclaim, or if found to be holding a dissenting view to their ideology, devour!

Silhouettes crowd walking, camera fly over - HD s

All attempts to appease the mob with things they would like to hear or see, met with stiff resistance, as nothing appeared capable of breaking the IDEAS INCEST existing within the core and fringes of the agents of metamorphosis, who saw through what they considered a charade, as coming a little too late, after minds have already been made up.

In the frenzy with which they embarked upon, in achieving their set out aims and objectives, they swept through obstacles (which simply melted at their advance), even hostile uncharted regions acquiesced to them, till they eventually had their way.

Now, it is left to be seen how the much touted new order, which rode on the back of a populist agenda, on a background of deception and disdain for the status quo and those who worship at its altar, will implement the lofty ideas they have vigorously pushed all the while, now that they have been handed the implement to effect the much needed TRANSMUTATION!!





  1. Very well analysed. The manner Nig’s opposition won the incumbent party in the last presidential election was very disturbing owing to the fact that they practically upturned history prior to the election day. The Buhari during his military regime that history officially recorded as a repressive dictator and biased automatically became a democrat as propagated by millions of APC supporters. Some even made people to believe he’s a saint. We always agreed the PDP failed in some areas but the govt showed resolve in commitment. Many of the tactics like devaluation of the Naira which APC used massively against PDP wasn’t ever worth it but trust gullible Nigerians who were cowed completely. But am convinced that the day of eye opening will come soon. The APC will surely be held liable for all their phantom promises. Am never against change but don’t support it to be carried out in an ill mannered way.

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