Two_ an idiot_ Don't you know what I'm talking ab

Enamored by her from when they locked eyes,
Eyes so seductive and appealing,
Appealing to him to come,
Come to find a future in her space,
Space he did his utmost in getting,
Getting a vantage point to see her often,
Often behaving like he wasn’t scoping her beauty,
Beauty being her unique selling point,
Point of which many have strayed to her advantage,
Advantage he failed to take when she was free,
Free to fraternize with him sans frontière,
Frontiers he eventually broke when he made the approach,
Approach made a tad late because she had become spoken for,
For which she sadly declined but offered no resistance to his advances,
Advances of the lustful kind that saw them eventually pleasuring each other,
Other situations and conditions vanish when they are cocooned,
Cocooned in their existence when they consort,
Consort they did with no regards for their spouses as they scratched their itch,
Itch borne out of their lusts,
Lusts that leaves him feeling gravely guilty,
Guilty and shame she felt also after each episode of their escapades,
Escapades that considered only very few places and conditions sacred,
Sacred was even lost to the institution,
Institution of marriage which they both swore with their spouses to uphold,
Uphold did either only of the desire for the others’ flesh,
Flesh with emotions later required more,
More of what with time neither could offer,
Offer of the kind requiring sacrifices,
Sacrifices that couldn’t be made based on a whim,
Whim hence not satisfied gave rise to estrangement,
Estrangement leading to distortion of their mutual space,
Space hatched in the first place from been Enamored.




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