Having come from a very conservative religious home, Bonny represented all he was told about MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT. Nightlife started by noon and ended in the wee hours of the morning.

In Bonny, everything went into the servicing of the oil and gas industry. Everything! Not just the oil servicing companies, but even the humans in varying capacities. If you undertook a study, you’d find the contributions everything on that island makes to ensure that LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS is extracted, with some oil, and more gas flared as a result.

Following the agitations (including militancy at the time in 2007 before the late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua announced an amnesty programme for the militants and restive youths) by the peoples of the NIGER DELTA, employment opportunities are such that mainly indigenes were recruited, while outsiders with “long legs” managed the very few spaces left. Unfortunately, because a large number of the indigenes didn’t possess the requisite qualifications, many of them aren’t found in top positions in the LNG, rather they make up the larger number of the lower rungs, finding application in some technical jobs, to jobs as outlandish and ridiculous as holding up ladders that technicians climb to do their job, and of course when the time comes to lay off staff that are surplus to requirement, these usually are the most affected, sometimes without benefits depending on how they gained the employment in the first place.

This is because there is no particular way in which many of the low level workers in Bonny’s LNG, and by extension, the OIL SERVICING COMPANIES (like Saipen, Hyundai, Schlumberger, Daewoo etc) get the jobs. Announcements of vacancies are rarely made in the press for instance, except for the few instances when ads for teaching positions for the school within the LNG Residential Area are put up in the papers, and even at that, it is clearly stated that priority will be given to indigenes of RIVERS STATE, then of Niger Delta States, before those from other parts of Nigeria, who are interested and applied for the positions. So, well connected people in government or close to politicians could easily place their wards in jobs, while Job merchants unofficial and official took care of the rest. The job merchants operate almost in the same way, only that workers who come via the unofficial route pay more in cash, and “kind” (especially the females), besides the fact that they are usually the first victims of purges and mass retrenchments, which is routinely frequent. Sometimes workers who get jobs via the unofficial route have to replace dead former workers and have to work under the identities of the dead, and of course the immediate bosses get their cut of the salaries and keep quiet about it, while the expatriates usually couldn’t tell one black employee from the other, as long as whoever has been assigned to them gets the job done.

The typical worker in Bonny lives in a way that justifies the reason for which he was admonished on setting foot on the island, about being careful so as not to leave the ISLAND empty handed. No time was considered unholy to go bacchanal, though much of the drinking happens after work in the evenings. Saint Peter’s response to those linking the “speaking in tongues” by the apostles, in reminding the crowd that the former couldn’t have been drunk seeing that it was yet the early hours of the morning, couldn’t have held any water in Bonny, because like the fish in the waters surrounding the island, it appears like it is a need rather than a want for most people there, indigene and settler alike to douse their bloodstream in alcohol at every given opportunity. The indigenes, like the English names (only very few families retain their original IGBANI names even as surnames, while the others are English non-Biblicals such as ALLISON, HART, PEPPLE, etc) they so much relish, love foreign brands to a fault. You could settle age long disputes by present a rare brand of liquor. A proud people who pride themselves as one of the first Nigerians who had contact with Europeans, with much proof to show of it, even in their dressing.

He wasn’t averse to alcohol, infact he made this career choice over another in terms of place to practice because of ease of access to alcohol, but the people of Bonny took drinking to a level he had never before seen, anywhere else in Nigeria. So after work, the bars, pubs, clubs from FINIMA to the shore will be teeming with men and women, even underaged who’d come to let off steam.

Apart from a few of the women who work at the LNG and the Oil Servicing Companies, in official and. domestic capacities, the rest outside of those engaged in one trade or the other, or just without work, earn money from keeping the working men company as wives, girlfriends, or sex partners. Many have come to refer to the female folk in Bonny as the REAL OIL “SERVICING” BRANCH.

Many of the women are involved in the sale of sex for money, even when they had some other employment, regardless of their marital status. Once, he was seeing off his sex partner in the wee hours of the morning, he noticed several other girls returning back to base from what seemed like a church vigil programme, but thought better of it when it occurred to him, that they could have just been somewhere doing what his sex partner had been doing all night.

It appeared to him to be a very difficult place for anyone to find love (though he didn’t particularly look forward to one) or even some semblance of a faithful relationship because of the materialistic nature of Bonny. The one that constantly serviced him, in the initial stages of their warped relationship had asked him how much he was willing to pay for the service, for which he replied in shock that he doesn’t pay for sex. He was surprised that she didn’t leave afterwards, though she somehow still managed to get money and gifts from him with or without prodding, for which she continuously made herself available at his beck and call, regardless of the ungodliness of the hour. Many times she’d come before the close of the clinic, and make for his bedroom through the backdoor, lie naked on his bed awaiting his entrance, for onward penetration of her cup. So many times, she would leave her hairdressing shop for a quickie at his clinic, in between patients.

She wasn’t his first in Bonny though, he could’ve made an attempt on his buxom and pulchritudinous Assistant, but she was already engaged to some guy that worked in one of the South Korean Oil Servicing Companies, a jealous one at that who all along suspected that there was something going on between them at the clinic because of the closeness they enjoyed, and how loftily she talked about him before her betrothed (the wedding would eventually never hold, and the assistant would become the dentists’ mistress, after the latter was married); his first was an attendant at a video rental shop, a single mother, nice and not quarrelsome, though she hated the idea that he could be making midnight calls (which was free on the MTN network at night) to his fiancee while having sex with her, while he soon got tired of her, not only because her labia was so wide that sometimes he had to use his fingers to clasp them around his penis, while thrusting into the bottomless pit of her womanliness, but also because he was tired of having to explain the meaning of the words he’d texted her before any of their meetings, and so softly laid her off.

When he was bored in the evenings, he would ring up his assistant, who lives in the Boy’s Quarters behind the duplex that served as the clinic and his abode, and they’d both head for a bar or to any of the clubs on the island especially during the HAPPY HOUR period when the drinks are cheaper. There they would talk about “everything”, even the ones both could never share with their spouses, thus the foundation of a future relationship will be laid.

At some other times, he will make his way to his favourite bar, close to the abattoir, as one makes for the jetty (that’s not the LNG one) where boats load to Port Harcourt, run by three generations of women who have their clientele which they “serviced” away from the bar on demand, in one of the rooms inside the bungalow adjoining the bar, he was especially fond of the grandmother and the granddaughter, never the daughter (who easily sized up clients, going only for the deep-pocketed), though he’d have loved to because she was the most beautiful, but he never slept with any of them, neither did he make any attempt to. He just enjoyed their company, and watched as events unfolded in the bar, while sipping on his location-induced expensive bottle of Guinness Stout.




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