When he was shown the mirrors that a member of his mission brought the Sabbath before, he didn’t understand what to make of it initially. He hadn’t attended service last Sabbath, when it was brought and he knew where he was, and what he spent the Sabbath doing, which made the presentation of this most unusual offering all the more intriguing.

He had naturally taken the position similar to that of an administrator of the mission his father pastored before he became incapacitated. Though he hadn’t thrown himself at his father’s position in the mission, the members knew that only he was qualified to take up the post, hence they weren’t keen to suggest another or even look outside for a pastor despite the fact that he declined taking a seat in front, rather he would come from a few seat from the back to conduct, lead, and direct prayers, worship and also preach, then in between, beat the drums during periods for songs.

He did enjoy what he was doing at the mission, he had spent a large part of his life been groomed to do it, not necessarily because there was a law that said he would take over from his father, but the likelihood was there especially as some senior members decided to leave following disagreements, and the rest showed no interest, just like him to aspire, it continually fell to him to administer the mission when he was around, usually every fortnight due to pressures of work and travel.

In recent times however he had had to struggle with his morality, though his faith never shirked. It felt like he was been handed this responsibility much to early when his life was just taken off with the pleasures of the body always knocking at his door and seeming to have the better of him. It was becoming increasingly difficult to practice what he preached, and most times he could only manage a few hours of goodness before the Sabbath came upon him. No one knew this of course. He lived a double life, and lived both to their rawest extremes, without members of both sides knowing about what went on at the other. He was an atheist and a Jew at different times of the day, depending on the place.

So, when he saw the mirrors, it didn’t take quite long before the import of the proverb that had been put before him, hit him in the face. He had always believed in prophesy, but in recent times much of that had seized to be norm at his mission, and at other missions he’d managed to attend when he was free (where they still had some semblance of prophets, and prophecy still hold sway), he’d found that the prophesies were watery, largely pedestrian feeding only to the superficial and not worth the paper on which many of them were written. He had often lamented about this to anyone willing to listen, electing rather to be without any form of prophesy than to settle for the types on display in most Sabbath missions today. He had often admonished his flock that it was better to understand the Torah than waste time with what is presented as prophesy today.

But the case of the mirrors was it. This was prophesy. YAHWEH had been watching him, even when no one could see what he was doing, especially his indiscretions in secret. One of the mirrors was broken, and he was told that that was how it was presented. The members didn’t know what to do with the mirrors, so they simply packed it in store to show him when he comes around. He told them that as part of offerings, it must be presented at the altar just like any other gift, and they did while he spent the rest of the time distracted about what it actually meant as he officiated the Sabbath service.

That offering was definitely meant as a message to the hierarchy of the mission. He for now represented that, and if it meant something to another he wouldn’t know, but it meant something to him, and he knew it. It was the sort of message that the Bible spoke of, that once it ministered to the ones’ conscience he was to bow his head in honour to the Divine.

He could decide to look at himself through the broken mirror. He wouldn’t get a full glimpse of his face, or any other part of his gross anatomy he may decide to see with it, and could easily blame the mirror for that. Or he could look at himself with the other that will fully indict him of his flaws and make the necessary changes that will restore him back in favour before the MOST HIGH, the choice was his to make. There truly is no hiding place from YAHWEH; he knew then what he must do and knew he had to act fast to do it. If YAHWEH was merciful enough to show him this, it meant HE still wanted him if he would change his ways and truly seek him.

The most intriguing of all was the fact that this offering of mirrors was presented by an on-and-off member of the mission whose character hovered between imbecility (in the main) on the one hand and normalcy (on rare occasions) on the other. YAHWEH sure does work in mysterious ways, HIS wonders to behold.



2 thoughts on “THE MIRRORS

    1. Yea, another would’ve just missed it, just like the members did.

      Sometimes, events and actions are much more prophetic than the word of mouth prophecy most people crave in these parts.


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