It came mainly as a SOCIAL DISEASE.
And the first few sufferers and later victims were in the main blamed for contracting it.
We called them gay, promiscuous and sinners who got what was coming to them.

People close to us became infected eventually.
We became affected, and dropped our judgemental attitudes.
We wanted to save our own by all means possible.

So we were glad to hear that the causative agent has been found.
Deflated to learn it’s viral, with the possibility that it’ll be incurable just like FLU.
Then our acquaintances began to die of it.

But virologists didn’t rest on their oars.
Their sleepless nights birthed ANTI-RETROVIRAL, ARV drugs that signalled a threat to the virus.
Which responded by mutating, hence the need for cocktails to deter it’s rate of growth and proliferation.

Though it remained an underlying cause of death even in the face of these cocktails, it seized to be the death sentence to the one who contracts it.
People Living With HIV/AIDS, PLWHA now live long, healthy and meaningful lives.
Even procreating HIV-Free Offsprings.

We will NOT forget names like President George W. Bush and his intervention in Africa, via his President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, PEPFAR.
Nor the efforts of Governmental and Non-Governmental agencies.
Nor that of support groups, familial, faith based and many others.

The battle isn’t over yet.
Behavioural changes remain key.
And knowledge about facts surrounding the TRANSMISSION and SPREAD of the disease, and acting on such information remain key to obliterating this scourge.

We have indeed come a long way to throw all of the success so far made away.
We have overcome many challenging diseases before this.
We may yet overcome HIV/AIDS, in good time!


In Commemoration of The WORLD ‪AIDS DAY.
Theme: History, HIV Facts and AIDS-Free Generation’.


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