I think in a way we are all chimera, hence we are only humans because we look like one, but deep down inside we are just a true specie of one animal or the other. Initially, I thought to make the topic just CHIMERA but I remembered that hybrids in Greek Mythology went by several names, hence it became “OF MINOTAURS, CHIMERA AND CENTAURS”, to accommodate all shades and even more, as the case may be. For simplicity sake however, I would refer to all these, and others as “chimera”.

The ones who thought about these hybrids, to have made them into mythology must have, like we all do today, noticed the similarities between some humans and animals, especially behaviourally. You will find many of such in the bible especially in the New Testament were men are basically divided into goats and sheep. The goats being the ones who are stiffnecked and hard at hearing, while the sheep are the direct opposite. In some other area, some are described as wolves in sheep’s clothing.

I see CHIMERA around me daily, I infact am chimera, though of different hybrids at different times, situations, conditions and circumstances, and I’m sure it is same with others as well, but this isn’t about me as I’m sure I’ll be better described by others. Allow me therefore describe a few of some of the interesting chimera I’ve met in this my short life so far.


I met one chimera during my service year, and I’m still not sure if I could call him one, because it is impossible to concieve of a hybrid between a human and an ANT, for he saved the quite much of the little we earned back then like an ant is wont to do. He wouldn’t eat to his fill, just enough to sustain life, and we used to tease him about how he’d save for a rainy day (of stipends) he may not likely see because of his frugality (which he took to levels I had never before seen). If he’d continued on that path, and earning more now I’m sure he’d be very wealthy or maybe just rich presently, though back in the day, he couldn’t finish with us because he had psychiatric challenges, and had to be withdrawn to seek help.

The true chimera will describe this other friend of mine, infact he is a CENTAUR in the true sense of the word. A stallion. All he was interested in was sex, and how to procure it, worse still, he would kiss and tell. There were no boundaries for him, as everything was “chopable”. With him there were no rules of engagement, and to his credits was the fact that he had Alexander genes, leaving som’n-som’n behind in the HINDS who routinely fall under the spell of his many devices. An alpha male, his drive was second to none, setting up goals that he routinely achieved, though not without encountering and overcoming challenges. All of which he plunges into building the aura that he represents, the tool which is then invested in hitting his ultimate mark, and target- the “concha”.

And then there’s the COUGAR, she’s mastered the act of seduction which she employs as a means to an end. She must have anything she desires, and no low is too low to go to get them. Pilfering, is another trade she indulges in on the sidelines and like a mouse in the more complex hybrids that form the true chimera, the END justifies the MEANS for her. Her pilfering is mousy because of the level she takes kleptomania to, nothing is safe before her, even things she’s got no need for, and she never confesses to her crime nor takes responsibility for her misdeeds, buying time of her accusers, judge and jury with her charm, and offering sexual favours to others who though not totally committed to seeing her punished may be in position to determine what should be of her. She owes no one any loyalty, not even by whatever ties she might be entangled with. With her, there are no permanent enemies or friends, and a friend is anyone she can attach her SCOLEX to and obtain nutrition from such using her “Bothria” like Tapeworms, to be discarded once such has ceased to possess the much needed nutrition, or a bigger catch enters the picture.


Like CHIRON, he’s the superlative centaur, though not necessarily the eldest but you can glean a lot from the wisdom he embodies. Unfortunately, for all his wisdom he tends to be aloof and disconnected from reality especially of other centaurs either by design or by happenstance. By design because he exudes the air of being all-knowing, hence there are few attempts made by the ordinary centaurs to correct him, even in situations when he obviously is barking a wrong tree, and by happenstance of the fact of the gulf created by the massive substantiality and cornucopia that he bathes in, in comparison to the simple lives of his fellow centaurs.

How could I forget the CHAMAILÉONTAS (like with the ant, may require the giant size to fit into the human to be described as chimera). But Chimera have nothing on him, because he’s everything his environment wants him to be, and by environment, I mean every and all sorts and types. When he gets to Rome, he does what the Romans do and he’s good at camouflaging because none of the sides know about his activities on the other sides. He can be as good as the best of them, and as bad as the worst (in the words of the late Notorious BIG). If he were a Pastor, an Imam, Guru, Abbott or any spiritual leader that tickles your fancy, and fell and died suddenly, he would be hailed as a good man, but on the other side would be cast off to hell with the words, “…..I know you not” been the last he would hear from THE ONE he would’ve purportedly proselytized people to follow while he lived.

I don’t know why this has happened, but all of a sudden, I do not feel like writing about this any longer, maybe because it’s looking like I’m being judgemental, but I must confess that it wasn’t my intention ab initio. Maybe my muse just walked away or something of the likes. I have just contemplated to drop it and not post it, but I thought I had great feelings putting it out initially, so for whatever reason I started this, I should just post the bit I have so far.

For now I’m done. Feel free to add any chimera you remember and do your own narrative, maybe I’ll do a sequel to this if it comes to me, but I won’t end this without reminding you that we are all chimera. Thank you!


Picture Credits: http://nataliamiu.blogspot.com



  1. What a writeup. Keep it up. How do I classify a chimera who heavily learned the art of pilfering from every source and opportunity and later that he made it in life (worths over N3million), still indulges in same old habit as earlier mentioned?


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