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She isn’t the type you look at once and take your eyes away. She’s got those seductive glances many men could stare at, at the same time with each of them feeling she specifically meant the glance for the one and not the other.

Even the most shy will find impetus to initiate a conversation with her even if at the end of the day, the effort yields no desirable outcome. She doesn’t tell men off, she makes them feel at home in her presence even when at the back of her mind, her unambiguous “NO” is waiting to be deployed at the time the man (in whom she has no intention to pursue anything amorous with) sums up the courage to pop what he may consider the critical question.

Some wait for the night to have thoughts about her in amorous dreams where she plays the key role, while many are taken away by her charm by day that they easily daydream about what could be with her. She knows the ones who’ve become enchanted and takes advantage of them when opportunity provides making them do what they wouldn’t otherwise ordinarily do had they been in their right senses, and not under the influence of her powerful beauty, or in the absence of that, seductive charm.

She’s totally mastered the art of seduction knowing like the acupuncturist the pressure points to apply the acupuncture needles, only that in her case, nothing is physical. All movements, even non-movements are particularly timed to elicit the most effect on the subdued. Hearts break for her sake even from a distance, and those with whom she’d had contact suffer long-lasting effects of their unfortunate encounter.

Maybe not all of what she does is intentional, maybe it just happens that her innocent intention to always look good is misconstrued by those besotted by her looks, but whichever way you look at it, many a man have lost more than just precious time taking in her ambience and getting lost within the labyrinth spun by her innuendos.

With her, nothing is real, nothing can be real, even Hollywood the home of make-believe cannot replicate an iota of the bit, she without as much as batting an eyelid, can conjure within milliseconds as she weaves another weakling into a web, that will require a stilling of the mind to extricate oneself from.

Those entangled in the web of succubi won’t know it even when it’s spelt out to them vividly, and there’s no saving the man from chains he isn’t convinced he’s held by, worse still when he’s deriving so much joy and erotic pleasure and satisfaction from the state of affairs.

Beware of the ACTS of the Succubus.



3 thoughts on “SUCCUBUS

  1. Yes; to find oneself in the presence of such a mortal is rare, but when the experience occurs I personally always find myself stepping back into the sheath of my insularity. There’s something both magnetic and repelling about eyes that come too close.

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  2. To be entranced by a woman like this can be dangeous, if she abuses it and mistreats her lover in the guise of her seduction. But what if she is good to you, and cares for you? Is it really so bad to be in love with a lady such as one like this? Especally if you both benefit from the relationship?


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