___ qualifiers to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil ki

Just like that, the protests that rocked Brazil’s major cities fizzled out, even gave way to wild celebrations and jubilation countrywide after Brazil won their first game at the opening ceremony of this year’s Football World Cup Competition. Even tales relating to allegations of corruption associated with the granting of the 2022 World Cup hosting rights to Qatar became relegated (at least for now).

The fact that Spain lost to Brazil in the Confederation’s Cup wasn’t a factor in consideration by many observers of the waning strength of the Spaniards. Not even the fact that Barcelona (which is home club to the core of the Spanish Senior National Football Team) wasn’t doing too well was considered.

Even when they were roundly beaten by the Netherlands not many were in doubt that they’d redeem themselves in their next match, especially seeing as they were in this kind of situation the last time in South Africa, and still went ahead to win the tournament four years ago. They, like Australia are assured of a quick exit in this years World Cup, though still with a game in hand. Many people still consider the Australians simply unlucky, and the Spaniards totally lacklustre leaving many to wonder if the days of TIKI-TAKA football has come to an end. The Ausies will leave early though they were first to arrive in Brazil.

As the Netherlands are putting up the performance they are always known for, it remains to be seen if they’ll convert it to a trophy this time around or continue to mark space as the proverbial “stumbling block” that any true contender for the World Cup Trophy must beat.

England are not looking like a team willing to change the song “Two World Wars And One World Cup, England! England!!…” I think most people expect England to do well at world cups and European cups because of their very lucrative and internationally acclaimed home league. England just has that unfortunate tendency to choke in the big games (including friendlies), besides the usual tragedies that accompany the team in having goals disallowed, getting their best player sent off for no good cause, and freak injuries to same amongst many other unfortunate scenarios memory fails me to recount, all contribute to making the England team a JOKE to watch at the international and continental circuit. Their nemesis at this world cup incidentally are Balotelli and Suarez, the one a former Manchester City menace, the other a soon to be Liverpool F.C. Legend. There remains but a very slim chance of England qualifying from it’s group, dependent on many things happening, the crux of it being the defeat of Costa Rica by the Italians, the possibility of which Mario Balotelli has hinted at in his tweet, demanding a kiss on the cheek from none other than the British Queen, as payment for such a favour.

The Africans haven’t fared any better this time round, even the Ivory Coast that beat Japan in their opening game were humbled in the second against Colombia though still with a chance at qualifying. It will be the first time the Ivoriens will lose with their talismanic Drogba coming in as a sub. Cameroun shouldn’t have come in the first place, their rough game and internal fight at the end of their last game proved that much. Nigeria has a uphill task in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Argentina. Many say that with Nigeria’s woeful performance against the Iranians, it’ll be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for Nigeria to ace her last two games of the group stage, but the Nigerian is an unrepentant and pathologic optimist, regardless of the fact that no analyst yet could describe the pattern employed by the coach and his team in their last outing.
I thought Algeria will save face against a rampant Belgian side. I’m still gathering my thoughts on Ghana, whose twitpeeps where waiting in the wings to lounge on their Nigerian counterparts who had lost to the United States in the pre-World Cup friendly only to find themselves lose to the same in the game that really mattered, making me now consider giving the American team a second look.
Interestingly, the Kenyan president paid the bill for his country’s football team to watch proceedings in Brazil. Nigeria had beaten them at home on their way to qualifications to the World Cup. Maybe, they may just be inspired by all they would see LIVE to put that kinda extra effort that ensures a space at football mundials such as this.

Nobody will forget in a hurry Mexico’s Ochoa, I hope his superhuman goalkeeping antics will help his team through. PERSIEING may also make the English dictionary or better still SCRABBLE WORD LIST in describing that RVP’s super header against Spain in their opener. Head-butting also appears to be making a huge comeback after been popularized by Zinedine Zidane in the 2006 World Cup.

I’m not sure the Brazilians will host and win, but the South Americans appear to be leaving no stones unturned in churning out very interesting styles of play, while the Germans and Dutch on the other side appear to be reminding all that they are still very much around.

While we stay glued to our TV screens and other devices via which we avail ourselves of the most beautiful game, more than a score of enthusiastic viewers at a public viewing joint were killed in Damaturu, the Yobe state capital in Nigeria, after an explosion ripped through the centre in acts usually associated with Islamist insurgent group, Boko Haram. This incident could’ve been averted had people adhered to instructions by the police warning of attacks of this nature, especially in states in the North-East currently under a STATE OF EMERGENCY.

If you venture to tune off for a moment away from all of the sports and football, you will find that the world is on fire, in almost every region. As the #BrinhBackOurGirls campaigners continue to face harassment by the Nigerian government who feel embarrassed by their activity in urging for action by the Nigerian government in securing the release of female students of a secondary school in Chibok, abducted by the dreaded Boko Haram, Israeli groups have also hoisted the flag for #BringBackOurBoys after three Yeshiva boys were kidnapped by men suspected to be Palestinian militants taking advantage of the hitchhiking culture amongst youths of the Jewish state. Iraq lies on the brink of disintegration with ISIS overrunning towns and cities with frightening regularity, leading to the displacement of more than a million people already, as at today which is WORLD REFUGEE DAY. The Syrian war is yet to abate and Ukraine is still tearing itself up at the seams. Pakistan? I wouldn’t even want to go there for now.

But the World Cup is on, the world was in turmoil before it, and will still be in same shit afterwards, so I guess we are to enjoy the distractions it offers while it lasts. If however, I do have anymore musings before it ends, I shall put it in writing. Thanx for your time.



One thought on “BRAZIL 2014: WORLD CUP MUSINGS

  1. Good read. Very interesting! But I found out the protests in Brazil continued even @ the stadium gates throughout the duration of the opening match. It obviously appears that the protesters/pressure groups are not regular Samba fans that we used to know. The police really sweated it out to keep them @ bay for the Brazilian govt to pose as if all is well. Only God knows how this will end.

    We’ve all seen the electrifying form of Holland, Germany and France as compared to the slow starting of traditional South American giants; Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. But history does not favour the European giants as no European country has ever won the WC from Americas soil. It’s now left to be seen if over 80years record can be broken. Am keenly interested on a possible outcome.

    Finally, just as you rightly stated, if only football crazy viewers in hotspot zones had adhered to instructions, they could have saved their lives. So sorry for them but unfortunately, the WC tournament must go on. Even the massive protests couldn’t stop it.
    Thank you.


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