Gratitude for the new year!


She looked up to the new year with renewed hope, with possibilities of what could be with her now “confirmed” lover. She could now boldly say she was officially in love, as she could never get over having thoughts of him in her head.

When idle, she’d reread all the letters he’d written her. Those were the days when there were only landlines in very few homes, and mobile phones (not GSM) were in the hands of the very very wealthy few and mobsters. She expected the next letter from him to mention a neutral ground where they could rendezvous to spend time together. She very much loved the idea that the one to make her a woman would be him.

First week, second week, third week….and there was no letter from him. She got worried but began to suspect something was up when on inquiring from her sister, she found that he was very much around, hail and hearty. She decided not to prod him through her sister, noting that he must’ve his reasons for not writing and she had no intention of throwing herself at anyone, definitely not on a student who will spend more years in a medical school. She must’ve been out of her mind to have imagined him deflowering her, besides most of these medical students are adept at breaking hearts she thought, it must be her luck that this happened before their relationship had even taken root.

She altogether gave up on him after a year of not hearing from him. She didn’t even bother asking her younger sister about him anymore. She had altogether avoided men that year electing to give her heart only to that right man, and not lose her virginity till her wedding night. The attempts by several of her male classmates to woo her met with several brickwalls she put in place while she faced her studies. A lecturer, a married man lured her into his office once, and from showering her with flattering words of testament to her beauty and amiable personality attempted to “make out” with her, but she tactically resisted his move without saying “NO”, promising that she’ll be back once her days of menses were over, with the knowledge that to overtly reject her lecturers’ advances and overtures may impact negatively on her results in the forthcoming exams.

She felt bad to hear about the death of the same lecturer in a ghastly motor accident, a month after her encounter with him. Fellow course mates couldn’t understand her anguish at learning of his death. For her, it was an anguish that was mixed with a sense of relief!

Her love life was ignited during her first year of pursuing her Higher National Diploma, HND. He was a member of her church but a class ahead in school, infact he was writing his project when he succeeded after many months of “toasting”, in convincing her to go out with him. He made good company and was extremely nice to her though he didn’t have much money to lavish expensive gifts on her (she wasn’t even materialistic enough to care about that), and was infact everything she’d want in her man, and being a Catholic she knew she wouldn’t find it difficult to convince her parents to accept him, if the question of marriage comes up.

She continued to see him even after he graduated and waited for the service list to be released. The news that he’d be going to do the mandatory one year National Youth Service Corp, NYSC Program in the North shattered her to bits. She couldn’t fathom going all the way from the West to visit him so far up North. She received assurances that he’ll come back for her, during the service year and afterwards to work towards settling down with her. The prospects of starting a family with this fine young man so intrigued her, that on the eve of the day he was going to leave for his station, he gave herself to him. He had told her no one will be at home, and when he took her in to his room and began to unclothe her, she did not protest, she’d heard several accounts already from friends and watched several films (though not necessarily porn) to understand what will happen next. But he was gentle, his movements and touches were perfectly timed, well, except for the kisses which because of the palpitations she was having, she miscued severally, but he didn’t berate her, but rather took it all in his strides. Alluva sudden all parts of her began to respond in massive bolts of shivers, greater than what she felt once she attempted to masturbate. The thought of her first love waltzed into her mind but she quickly dismissed it. It was his loss, not hers.

Nothing could describe the heavenly feeling that enveloped her when he eventually “went” into her, nor the mixture of pain and pleasure feeling that sent her into spasms similar to a mild form of a convulsive fit when he “came” and increased with further plunges into her. She continued to go into spasms of pleasure even after he had come off her and lying beside her. She couldn’t have asked for a better first experience, now she could look forward to many years of bliss with this “man” before and after getting married to him.

She helped him prepare a sumptuous meal for his parents and siblings who according to him will soon be on their way from church, before making to leave. He’d bought a GSM phone to help him communicate with his family and friend while he’d be away. Though she didn’t have a phone yet, she collected his number to facilitate communication between them. He called him two days later and was glad to hear he arrived safely, he had so much to tell her but she didn’t have so much extra change on her to continue the call (those were the days when it cost an arm and a leg to make GSM calls, though most people had begun to afford one).

She called him when she had money, and he was always enthusiastic to hear her voice. Then months later his phone would ring and he wouldn’t pick, only for him to pick much later and claim he’d been busy. Then just a month before he was due to complete his service year, she called him to inform him that her graduation date had been set and that she could now be reached on her number as she had acquired a TRIUM GSM phone, only to find to her chagrin that the voice at the other end of the phone wasn’t his, but a female’s. She wouldn’t have bothered about it, had she not referred to him as “Dear”, in telling him that a lady wanted to speak with him, before passing the phone to him. She dropped the call instantly and burst into tears. Her phone rang constantly with calls from him, but she refused to pick it. The sacrifice she’d made in keeping herself for him all of these ten months appeared to have gone to the drains.

In her anger, she allowed a classmate of hers that had been “disturbing” her to take her, but he was so sloppy in bed, it even made her want the one she was angry with the more. That done, and graduation out of the way, she made preparations towards going to serve, in the East. Ordinarily, she would’ve been worried having never been there before, or angry that her parent’s plans to influence her posting much closer to home failed, but she couldn’t care less. The East will provide all the atmosphere she needed to clear her head of all the shit that has happened in the past year.

She stayed off boys and men entirely during her service year, and apart from a few troubles from the camp commandant who appeared to find it difficult to keep his eyes away from buxom and “well endowed” ladies, while she was in camp and that from the “Oga” at her place of primary assignment, after camp to which she stamped her strongest “NO” ever, she was largely undisturbed though she was quite outgoing and socialized when the opportunity presented itself.

On one of her visits back to the West to see her parents, she met a tall, dark and handsome man at a friend’s wedding, they were introduced, exchanged a few words and phone numbers, but she gave no thoughts to seeing him afterwards. But, no sooner had she resumed back in the East to grind out what was left of her service year, than she began getting text messages from the same handsome but mysterious man.

He would send her text messages that contained words of admonition and encouragement heavily laced with biblical quotations. Those words did help her in seeing out dull moments, and when they talked he didn’t beat about the bush about his intentions. He wanted her to be his wife (as God had revealed to him upon sighting her, that she would be his wife) and once she was done serving, he’d like to commence the wedding rites without delay. She couldn’t remember if she said yes, but whatever it was she said, it probably translated to a “yes” to him, and she truly didn’t mind.

The few days to the end of service now felt like forever. A single day began to feel like 47 hours, as the day dragged on slowly. Finally, twas PASSING OUT PARADE day, and no one could’ve been happier. In two days she was at a park in the West waiting for her new found love, who it appeared had been stuck in traffic at the other side of town. It was while she was waiting for him, that she saw the man who deflowered her, apparently he’d come to the park to send somethings via waybill to the North where he had business concerns. He’d married the girl whose voice she’d heard the last time she called him. He said she left him no choice after he tried calling her to make amends.

She felt no anger towards him, atleast not any more and she let him know, they were probably not meant to be together. He left a lot happier than he was when he saw her, though with some regret on his face. Finally, the much awaited one arrived and she flew into his arm into the warm embrace of this man, and the uncertain future that laid in wait for them.

He fulfilled all the promises he made her, they got married after much persuasion of her parents as he wasn’t Catholic. A year after she had their first child, a son, the carbon copy of his father. She got a job at a fast food joint but had to leave for an administrative job at a federal university, though it was on contract until via the next recruitment exercise before the contract staff could be co-opted fully into service if they emerged successful in the exams and the interview that’ll follow and were chosen.

Things continued to go as planned, a second son came not so long after, and she felt insulted by a colleague who wanted to have sex with her even in her condition, just because of the closeness they shared at work. She promptly ended the relationship or whatever it was they shared after giving him a strong talk-down!

The university authorities continued to drag their foot as regards organizing a recruitment exercise for the contract staffers for months on end, then a year, two, three, with some leaving the pittance paying job for other opportunities, yet she remained there. After a while, she enrolled to do a diploma course in the university while still working at the contract job there.

Twas, on one of the evenings on a Saturday (a few days to Christmas) when she went out to buy some fruits at a local market, with a female colleague and reading partner with whom she was writing exams for the diploma program she was pursuing that she saw HIM, after TWELVE YEARS!



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