Karma znamená následky činů a myšlenek_ Jaké činy

Much has been said about this phenomenon (if I could refer to it as such) and it remains an ongoing discussion amongst many seekers.

I can’t remember the first time I heard of it, or where or the context in which it was used, but from that point on the thoughts of it has continued to engage my mind, as it probably does yours, even when you may not refer to it particularly as KARMA.

In the simple sense (though much more complex than that) it refers to the Principle of RETRIBUTIVE JUSTICE. Many associate it with Hinduism, Buddhism and other eastern religions but however you see it, it would appear to be one of the answers provided to the questions we all ask at one time or the other as to our real purpose in life. It attempts to proffer an answer to the Frequently Asked Questions relating to responsibility for our actions or inactions, as regards man’s search for justice.

We hear it often said that we will be rewarded for what we’ve done, good or bad. A lot of us moderate our behaviour just to avert the repercussions that unbridled indiscretions may brew for us to drink in future, inadvertently alluding to the existence of karma, even for those who staunchly disagree with the concept.

Those who are quick to latch on to the promise of forgiveness and a remission of sin by simply accepting THE SON as one’s personal Lord and Saviour forget swiftly that though David was forgiven for his misdemeanour, all he did came back to haunt him and his family even for generations after his demise. I ponder on this sometimes, and I shudder at the repercussions of my way of life.

The belief that if at the time of death one is “SAVED” one will escape everlasting fire in HELL for wrongdoings, may account for the patronage this school of thought enjoys, as no one really wants to pay for an evil deed, no matter how remorseful one becomes after committing such acts.

To take this a notch higher, some believe that the circumstances of our present life are direct consequences of lives we had once lived. In reincarnating therefore, we come to make amends for past misjudgments and indiscretions, or even to enjoy owing to past injustices meted out to our persons in a past life. So I ask, how could one be made to pay for a wrong one isn’t even aware of, or lacks the basic memory of?
Isn’t that an injustice in itself?

If dreams are a means of glimpsing into our past lives, howzit that the environment is much like in our time (in the dreams we remember) seeing that most of the technology for instance, available to us today, couldn’t have been available to us, had we fore-existed, and such is shown us in dreams?
[I don’t even want to go into the concept of PARALLEL UNIVERSE now]

Or, are our real forms in our past existences, shown only in the dreams we cannot remember, making the dreams we can remember not count as that relating to our past lives, but rather figments of our imaginations and thoughts, or as many see it today, prophetic and augurious in nature?

I am certain that these and more befuddle your minds, as they do mine on a daily basis as we watch events in our lives and the lives of others around us unravel in it’s complexities.

Maybe one day we will find answers to these, maybe not but not to have made an effort to understand these things will be akin to the simpleness associated with….erm…whatchacallit?

Life may not be as random as many see it, hence the understanding of things associated with life, such as karma will go a long way to helping one navigate through the vagaries thereof. It behoves on the seeker to continue to seek to know.



3 thoughts on “KARMA

  1. As a Christian, I quite agree with your views on Karma and how actually, it affects our thinking and actions like naturally doing acts aimed @ avoiding repercussions. However, the only way I have reservation is the fact that Karma is linked to the idea of how one lives his life which will determine the quality of life he will have after reincarnation. Now, I understand the Bible doesn’t support reincarnation for us.


    1. The Bible is so structured that you will find whatever it is you want found in it, or support any view on which you need support for.

      I do have concerns like you though as regards reincarnation and how karma relates to it.


  2. Karma is not a matter of reward and punishment, but of the natural consequences of our actions.

    On the basis of reports from people who have experienced clinical death or coma for a long time, and from past life recalls, it seems that there is no one to judge you; to reward or punish. Rather, a Superior Person guides you with unshakeable unconditional love to review your past life. You experience the effects of your actions on others, and this provides very strong motivation for you to set up opportunities to learn the lessons you decide you need, and to pay restitution you decide on.



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