The internet and social networks have been awash with MOTHER’S DAY greetings and commemorations that seemingly one may be considered an outcast if one is seen not to be paying the homage one way or the other to one’s mother for the great effort she put into one’s upbringing and welfare.

With this in mind I have also decided to say something about Mother’s day but definitely not in the patronizing way many would do today, but to query the suitability of most people to even mouth the commemoration of it.

I do not have anything against the setting apart of a day or days to mark “Mother’s Day”, it’s the hypocrisy and the commercialization of same that gnaws at my innards.

We can NEVER thank our mothers enough, a day or more out of 365 days isn’t enough to thank these Amazons or show appreciation for all they’ve done. However, what is important is not in the saying of it, but rather in the showing of appreciation.

Our mothers deserve more than just the mouthing of a few “Thank Yous”. They should be like our Earthly Gods to which we pour libation daily and pamper in worship.

Seeing that there’s no way to quantify the sacrifices mother’s make for their children regardless of their age, it becomes necessary and pertinent that we spend all of our days giving as much as we can materially and immaterially, not necessarily because we wish to pay back, but because we wish to continually show appreciation.

I can bet you that the lot of those who have hastened to social network media to throw in their lot for the “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY” crew haven’t called their moms at all, nor have avenues whereby they show such appreciation besides making the show of it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and the likes.

Surely, our mothers deserve more than that. So, before you go qwertying away telling the whole world how cute and wonderful your mother is or was, search your minds to see if by your actions you can match your words, or the poetry to her wonderfulness for which you’ve gotten several ‘Likes’, ‘Comments’ or even ‘Trending’ for. If not, then drop that and go do the needful, your mother is definitely worth more than that, except you feel otherwise.

In conclusion, though this may be Mother’s Day lets not ignore our Fathers. They may also have a day set aside for them too, but it’s not as emotive as that for the Mothers. Many go about their lives like their fathers never existed and you can tell by the many songs, poems and works of art dedicated to the mother, compared to the miserly number committed to the father or his memory. This I consider to be utterly unfair, even in situations where one may consider that the father played not much a significant role as the mother played in one’s life.

Have fun again!



3 thoughts on “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY?

    1. Just felt to quip that in, for many times in showing appreciation to our mothers, which isn’t a bad idea at all, we tend to ignore our fathers.

      Most importantly, it is what we do, not what we say on social networks about our parents that matter, in the long run, especially seeing that they won’t always be there for us.


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