In choosing a nickname, NAYVADIUS CASH chose well in making it “FUTURE”, as it appears that there’s yet light at the end of the tunnel for the genre of music he represents, with his advent (guess Hip-Hop ain’t dead after all).

Interestingly, this piece isn’t about time but about a singer who is at most inaudible especially to the first time listener. Sometimes when you are listening to him, you aren’t sure if it’s a reggae, soul or rap you’re listening to, regarding those featuring him, but he sure equalizes all with his sonorous input.

There’s no lie in the fact that most, if not all songs by the acts on the stable of the Young Money Cash Money Bitches, YMCMB are explicit, not just sexually but sometimes incisive. Just imagine Lil Wayne as a Nigerian using the words “…tell the Pigs, I said Asalam Aleikum..” as he did in “Tap Out”, the resulting Conflagration in the Religiously Intolerant Northern part of Nigeria would’ve taken a few dozen lives before normalcy is restored (infact I’m even surprised that they haven’t reacted already seeing that events in places far flung also catch their attention like that Mohammed cartoon strip, and that movie made by a relatively unknown in the United States amongst others, the ensuing outrage of which necessitated the shedding of blood, including that of the American Ambassador to Libya, to quell amongst others) though the line bears no religious connotations. The roughness of the explicitness appears however to be blunted by the silky input of FUTURE when he’s featured in any of their songs.

For many who find explicit use of language offensive, Future brings them back with his peculiar style, allowing you forgive their use of language, even when he is also explicit in his lyrics. Future fits in perfectly into YMCMB’s slow tempo Hip-Hop style which I think is more in keeping with most of the Extra Large acts like Rick Ross, Batman and crew, as well as DJ Khaled (who though has a few albums says little less than a one-liner in any of ‘His’ own songs, while allowing other artistes to do the job for him) in the group, especially in allowing them dance to the music they make.

I doubt anyone would’ve given FUTURE any chance if he’d come many years ago when having the sweetest of voices wasn’t enough guarantee to get one airtime, talk more fame in the music industry. The same could be said for many of today’s crooners especially on the payroll of the YMCMB with Lil Wayne and Drake singing and rapping like frogs after a night of orgies.

Future was featured in Rocko’s “U.O.E.N.O.”, and said the same thing throughout in chorus yet appeared more than the owner of the song (who did well to include several made guys in the song and video, that totally eclipsed him, seeing that he may be towing the path of ‘One Hit Wonders’ of yore) in the video.

I like the way FUTURE did that ‘Love Song’ with Rihanna spelling ‘Love’ like a Dyslexic. Future complimented Nicki Minaj per excellence in Rich Gang’s “TapOut” and DJ Khaled’s in “I Wanna Be With You’.

Future isn’t in the habit of flaunting wealth like many on the stables of YMCMB or as is norm in the rap and/or Hip-Hop world.

Unlike most acts (like Rick Ross and D’banj) who look different (tending even to slight ugliness) when they remove their shades, Future actually does look better without it, definitely not one that’ll disappoint his numerous fans.

I would definitely love to see Future duet with Damian Marley,I believe the product of such collaboration will set new music frontiers that’ll take years to equal or even surpass.

Words totally fail me to express all I feel in my head to say about Future, fortunately he’s young and barring serious unfortunate incidences he’ll be around for a long time, doing what he alone knows to do best to the pleasure of queer listeners of music, regardless of how absurd it may sound to the first time listener.

I’ve seen and heard Future get better over time, since the days of “Turn On The Lights”, the particular song with which I was introduced to his world of music, and I haven’t looked back ever since.



2 thoughts on “FUTURE

  1. Excellent piece! Since me too first watched the video of “Turn of the lights” there was no turning back on my interest on #Future. He reminded of Nate Dogg who was my Idol. Although, their style may be different, one can easily notice one similarity between them which is the slow tempo of their flow. Also, it appears both of them embody hip-hop but not rappers per say. I am very sure the brand, #Future will be sustained is the industry. Here we go.


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