If there’s one ailment I’m certain I’m accursed with, then it must be the flu. The fact that I’ve not died by it must be because I may have been having the mild type all this while.

Interestingly, the fact that I suffer from bouts of flu routinely hardly means I have gotten used to it, seeing that each time I go under the weather my response in agony has no repository I could reach in my brain to activate my oft response to it, even when it comes with the same symptoms.

The only change or adjustment I’ve been able to make has been probably in terms of hygiene while under, which was definitely not the case while I was much younger where my hygiene was so poor I found myself reinfecting myself over and over again leading to an overextension of the flu-days beyond the normal (sometimes, suffering bouts lasting up to a month at a time, without remiss), as well as the fact that I can tell with certainty when it’s about to hit me, sometimes the premonition comes even a week before I go down (and don’t go telling me I wished such ‘pon me by thinking negatively). I could also tell, while under the weather, when remission begins.

Most times I am able to tell the seasons, especially the rainy season with the onset of my flu, buy that isn’t to say that my flu is directly related to the onset of rainfall as I’ve also fallen even in the heat of warm weather in the dry season, especially when I’m going through one stress or the other.

Premonition for my flu comes especially with headaches, mild ones initially with frequency of maybe twice a day. I’ll then know that my flu is two days away and increase my intake of Vitamin C rich fruits, infact sometimes I cut my lunch in favour of such fruits to prevent it’s occurrence or ensure that I suffer a mild attack.

The headaches I have with the onset of the flu itself is head splitting, sometimes it’s so bad that opening my eyes become a harduous chore, and the type of torture the CIA may use to get any information they desire of me should I become a ‘Most Wanted’ at this time, will be to ask me to put my head down, because that could totally shut me down. The pain is indescribable, and the only thing I want to do when I mistakingly allow that is to wring my head off my neck for succour.

The headache is usually one-sided and mucus from my sinuses also align with the affected side. I used to attempt suicide unintentionally while I was younger by trying to blow my nostrils to clear my respiratory tracts with the resulting brain-shattering result that leaves me writhing in pain for several minutes after such senseless stunts.

The cough and catarrh come two days into the attack and that is when I totally shut down, I used to draw a few tears from my mother back when I was younger when I went down, thankfully and to her joy, I wasn’t made to lose my appetite when ill, I don’t know how that came to be but I do have a huge appetite (though a slow eater), and not even illness or my best friend Mr.Flu can or could take that away from me. Sô, in my most ‘down’ of states, I could muster energy to eat, it may take a whole day but I still managed to finish everything in my plate, also the fact that when I go down like that I get to eat anything I wished, even those my mum would’ve considered as ‘spoiling’ the child, hence my flu-periods back then were also happy moments based on this, unfortunately I also lose my sense of taste, touché!

I have largely decided to stop using medications nowadays not because I hate drugs but because I have used several in the past and have found that they compounded my flu situation rather than bringing me some alleviation.

Flu medications knock me out, situations I’ve found difficult to cope with as an adult, hence my total refusal to use them. Some of them also make me hallucinate, bringing me reality-like dreams of my most desired fantasies.

Cough syrups make me drowsy, again leaving me in an ambulatory state, the such one of my girlfriend’s once saw me in, and I could swear that was the beginning of the end of our shortlived relationship especially after I told her that it was normal ‘ritual’ I have to bear severally in the course of a year.

Over the years I have had cause to use several concoctions the latest been ground pepper and tomatoes, courtesy of my caring mother and the several delicacies and variants of peppersoup my wife had concocted to see me through my predicament when I go down.

I had premonition of this on Sunday when the headaches started, this morning the flu has set in, encouraged by the cold weather and rain. I can now go ahead and use my acetaminophen for the dreadful headache that may soon beseech me and ride out the next eight days, eating healthy and drinking lots of water, especially warm water for the sore throat that will come in another two days.

Wish me luck, as I welcome my old friend Mr. Flu, with a warm embrace.



2 thoughts on “MY FRIEND, MR. FLU

  1. Bravo for retaining your appetite during illnesses. Loosing appetite is my greatest challenge during illnesses.

    On your stopping medications during Flu visits, do you recommend such for every other person?

    Your piece here is really an eye opener. Good job.


    1. Thanx again for your contribution.

      I wouldn’t offhandedly recommend stopping the use of Flu medications for everyone. Flu is a result of a viral infection and will on it’s own remit without intervention, once you maintain a good hygiene and eating right.

      If the Flu medication didn’t knock me out, I’d probably still be using them when Mr. Flu visits, so I guess if those medications work for you then it’s all good -go get them all.


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