black beauty

She’s so beautiful. Her smile reminds me of the little mermaids’. Age only seemed to make her even prettier. She appears to have realized that she gets ugly only when she attempts to aid her beauty.

She’s not just an embodiment of beauty, she’s brains and in experiencing the vagaries of life, She’s come out of the contrariness, a better person.

I could never understand why the good men could never think to find such an angel. One that would surely make her Man proud and her kids forever grateful.

She takes her job far more serious than her employers would’ve expected of her, those assiduous days makes up for the few spikes of expensive mistakes, making it easy for her to get forgiven when she missteps.

Nooooooo, she’s pretty, so pretty ‘Venus’ gat nothing on her, her physical frame is all set proportionally. She exudes the naivety of a girl at the same time the maturity of a woman.

You’d see class and panache in the way she talks, stands and sits, while not having a single problem switching to a carefree self as you’d find with a girl basking in the coolness of beach air.

Her eyes are multilingual, and you could fathom as many responses and replies as may come to you by reason of just a mere glance; a reason you couldn’t be angry with her for too long with her gazing right at you. Those eyes are so vivacious you’d feel yours are dead.

The bridge of her nose brings Nefertiti alive, and those lips? Damn! They are just to die for. The sumptuousness is of the likes that aren’t of this world. Kissing those, will take the Man places.

You will not see a better neck elsewhere, interestingly she keeps them bare leaving to your imagination the priceless things you may wish to adorn them with.

Oh, she’s so fine you’d feel some light in her presence even when it’s dark. Her nails are trim and naturally coloured. Those soft palms and tender fingers. Moist lips and glossy eyes. The grace in her steps.

It’s difficult to say ‘No’ to her when she makes a request. She knows well not to make unrealistic request and not taking advantage of her beauty for which cause many men fall limp with desire, to portray herself in the likes of a whore (for which she would’ve made so much for herself, save for her dignity which she always upholds like a lamp).

She’s not your everyday lady. This one is oneuvakind. An exceptional Amazon. A rare gem who will shine even in obscurity, a diamond in the dirt, a rose from concrete. She’s so prepared for that opportunity that will eventually launch her to that pedestal from where she’d be able to influence more people than she’s able to do presently, positively.

She’s so beautiful, so near, yet so far away!



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