I was wondering what shocker President Goodluck Jonathan will bathe Nigerians with at the beginning of this year, as he’s consistently done since he came to power.

The fact that UNILAG had managed to retain her name after one of those ill-adviced statements he made two Independence Day broadcasts ago was one for which students and alumni haven’t ceased patting themselves on the back for, seeing that attempts to make him reverse the removal of fuel subsidies following another one of his New Year shocker met with stiff resistance, leading to a mere partial concession with the new price reached without adequate consultation or taking the demands of hapless Nigerians into consideration.

Towards the end of last year and the beginning of this year, there’d been some level of fuel scarcity, as marketers began hoarding fuel products especially gasoline for fear that there might be increase in pump price occasioned by a total removal of subsidies, even in the face of denials by government and it’s agencies.

Okay, so I thought if it’s not fuel what could it be, until Reuben Abati the President’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity broke the ice. I was so sure that there was going to be a gift for Nigerians because on that basis, this president has not failed to deliver, the only issue that Nigerians then get to deal and mutter about is how beneficial the gift will be to them (which is usually next to zero), by how much will their lives be further devalued and how insensitive the new policy will be compared to yearnings and aspirations of the population he claims voted him into power.

So it was, that while men slept (or got about the business they felt they should occupy their mind and hands with), President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan aka GEJ aka Port Harcourt Boy, signed into law an act of parliament banning Same-Sex Marriage.

This law passed by the Senate at the end of last year introduces a 14-year prison sentence for people who are convicted of entering into a same-sex marriage or civil union.It makes it an offense to administer, witness or help at a same-sex marriage ceremony.
The law also forbids people from running gay clubs, societies, processions or meetings in Nigeria. The punishment for such acts is 10 years in prison.

The law even states that marriages or civil unions between gay couples from outside the country will be void inside the country.

This is the direction GEJ and his advisers have thought fit to drive us at the beginning of the year, and at that while other bills of socio-econo-political significance to the everyday lives of Nigerians continue to gather dust and moat ‘pon his desk. This is a president whom some section of legislators even considered impeaching on account of relegation of his duties in delaying the signing of several bills of national importance, yet he considered this one, important enough to command the alacrity with which it was signed, following the alacrity with which it was passed in parliament.

Without mincing words, the signing into law of this act is unnecessary. Unnecessary because the definition of marriage as recognized by the Nigerian constitution hasn’t changed to accommodate unions involving same sex couples, even the fear that it can be changed in future like the Supreme Court of The United States did last year when it struck down the Defence of Marriage Act, DOMA to expand the definition of marriage to include the unions between gay, lesbian and transgender people, is farfetched and considering the rampant hypocrisy of most Nigerians, nonexistent!

Having dealt with the uselessness of that act, I shall now proceed to other issues the signing of this act has thrown up.

I tend to agree with many who say that the timing of the signing of the bill suggest that it was an attempt at distracting Nigerians from core issues that should occupy their time especially as the ruling People’s Democratic Party, PDP isn’t having the best of times at the time (before a semblance of a resolution came in the wake of the resignation of its embattled National Chairman) Mr. President signed it.

You cannot say it isn’t a ploy to distract the attention of Nigerians when it was signed at a time the controversy over missing $48.9 Billion was still raging, and the Minister of Finance and coordinating Minister of the Economy, the de facto “Prime Minister” suddenly became the official spokesperson for the Minister of Petroleum and also the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (which just a fortnight ago claimed that the now trimmed $10 Billion was spent paying for fuel subsidies amongst other sundry, but would later have the finance minister debunk that a few days back saying the relevant agencies of government are working to reconcile the accounts, and that no money was lost).

….and now that it’s signed and is now generating the reactions that has since greeted it, the government is breathing a sigh of relief, while some Nigerians have already begun to feel the heat just because, for the most times, someone or a group of people feel/felt they are/were gay. Those guys stoned in Bauchi State won’t be smiling now (the news item didn’t even say if they were stoned to death or not).

All of a sudden Nigerians became saints and the only sinners were gay, lesbian and transgender people. Even Muslims and their clerics agreed with Christians (and their clerics), that the wrath of G_d will fall upon Nigeria like it did Sodom And Gomorrah if the act wasn’t signed into law and implemented.
These same Nigerians will take their international passports before clerics in churches and mosques, (and even before charlatans) for prayers so that they can escape the hell that’s Nigeria for the Sodom and Gomorrah of the West, where there’s constant power supply, improved healthcare and other social amenities.
These self righteous bigots will endure indignities no self respecting individual should stomach at foreign embassies just so they can go to live in societies that respect the rights of all, while denying the same rights to their fellowman in their own country.

The sodomy we now see allover social networks with sextapes of heterosexual people we know and don’t know pales to what may even be going on in the closet of two consenting gay adults, especially when you consider that these acts caught on tape are between unmarried and/or unfaithful married heterosexuals with each other and vice versa, and all of a sudden that’s become right because homosexuals are the “New Black”!

Even pastors and Muslim clerics are involved in adultery and fornication, with their wild oats sown in the nooks and crannies of their churches and mosques and outside of it, forgetting that the Bible and Al Qur’an condemns such acts with the same vociferousity with which homosexual acts were condemned. So why are we now raising the roof in praising a government that has done it’s best in further impoverishing the lives of its people just because it signed a needless act into law?

All of a sudden corruption won’t kill Nigeria (though it’s the singular growth stunter, Nigeria has had for decades since it’s unfortunate creation ala amalgamation), according to their warped mind homosexuality will. Mtcheeeeeew!

For the first time in Nigeria’s history, she confronted her donors and lenders, calling their bluffs just because they called for the respect of those whose sexual orientation differ from those of the majority. Countries like Malawi and Uganda who started this journey before us have paused a while to still “chop” aid money before proceeding, if they ever will. It’s not that the poor masses will even benefit directly and indirectly from the aid should it even come to Nigeria, but in displaying this level of tactlessness Nigeria has exposed her bum-bum to the world and the breeze has shown the world her hypocrisy.



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