Shit happens big time when the things you can do with your hands behind your back and blinded begins to look like rocket science or brain surgery.

It happens when you eventually make the list after a job interview but in a field you know little or nothing about. So, one minute you’re jumping about joyously because you think you got the job, the next minute you’re crouching in sorrowful pain because you know you didn’t get the job and your name must’ve been mistakenly typed to make the list, or the man you bribed to ensure that your name made the list forgot your area of competency and simply put it somewhere he thinks sounded more like the area of specialization you gave to him. Shit happens because you cannot even report the incidence or attempt to correct the anomaly because then your indiscretions may also come to light.

Shit happens when the unforgiving female colleague at work with whom you now have acrimonious relationship with, following months of “office love” is made head of department of Human Resources, or she starts sleeping with The Boss.

Shit happens when your former girlfriend walks into a restaurant you both used to frequent with this new guy that’s everything you’re not, and worse still you have to see this ignominious sight at a time you were suffering from conjunctivitis.

Shit happens when you go to convert someone from her religion to yours and she ends up being an atheist. You can’t say Shit hasn’t happened when your girlfriend or wife is so unsatisfied with you sexually, that she becomes a lesbian.

Shit happens when you live in a country where you become more unemployable, the further you go academically.

You cannot deny that shit has happened when a man discovers that he’d lived with a congenital disease that had irreversibly impaired his ability to father a child yet he’s married with two kids.

Shit happened when a woman went blind following a surgery she traveled very far for, spending a great deal to change her eye colour!

When shit happens to me, I simply follow Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s admonition to laugh it off, as “man no fit cry!”



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