The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC yesterday announced the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA candidate Willie Obiano as winner of the gubernatorial elections in Anambra State, after yesterday’s supplementary elections held in 210 polling units, where elections didn’t hold or were cancelled a fortnight ago, necessitating the declaration of the elections as “inconclusive”.

He won in 16 Local Governments out of 21, with a total of 180,178 votes. The People’s Democratic Party, PDP candidate, Tony Nwoye came second with 97,700 votes, followed by the All Progressive’s Congress, APC candidate Senator Chris Ngige with 95,963 and Labour Party’s Ifeanyi Ubah with 37,495. This is out of the 442,242 votes cast, out of which 425,254 were valid votes.

There were originally 1,763,751 registered voters, many of whom (including some of the candidates) were eventually disenfranchised from exercising their franchise.

The APC had asked it’s members and supporters to boycott the supplementary elections, while their protests in Abuja, Osun State and in the media to persuade the INEC to cancel the whole elections based on the irregularities they presented to it, met with a brickwall.

Unfortunately, as many had predicted, Anambra State, the Giant has once again shot itself in the foot, not least in choosing a new governor democratically, not because I think that the governor-elect is the wrong choice, but rather because the process that threw him up was not in the least flawed.

Many have even expressed the fear that the process and eventual outcome (which was less than satisfactory) of the Anambra gubernatorial elections may be a shadow of things to come in the 2015 Presidential Elections, if the lessons from this embarrassment aren’t learned, with efforts geared at turning the tide totally ignored.

The role that certain personae played in subverting the will of the people in Anambra cannot particularly be overemphasized. Many tend to absolve INEC on this account seeing that they had been praised for their conduct of past staggered gubernatorial elections in recent times as in Edo and Ondo states.

An electoral officer even had the effrontery to abscond with electoral materials under the watch of all the security operatives there, some of which were seemingly distracted at just one location attempting to keep an APC chieftain, Nasir El Rufai holed up in his hotel room, despite his clarification to the effect that he was the head of the election monitoring group of his party.

If it finally comes to light that the people arrested in the neighbouring state of Imo (an APC controlled state) aren’t election observers as the APC claims, then it means that they may have been beaten at their game (of rigging) by the ruling party in Anambra state.

Those who tend to the esoteric will link Ngige’s fall to the curse by the Obi of Onitsha on whose day of “Ofala”, he chose to launch his campaign. The Obi had reportedly retorted that “Onye merua Ani, Ani achuba ya”, which many saw as a curse and ominous of Ngige’s outing at the elections.

I suspect that the APC as usual will head for the courts, maybe the PDP too, but one court case that will be of interest is that by an APGA governorship primaries candidate,Senator Ekwunife who wants the court to disqualify the governor-elect on the basis of “multiple registration”, and declare her the rightful candidate of the party as well as governor-elect.

For now, we can only hope that Obiano will deliver on his election promises (to all residents of Anambra, including the 5 local government areas where he lost to his opponents) if there were any he made besides continuing the legacy of his “Godfather”, as the possibility and likelihood of the results of this election being upturned in favour of the APC, or cancelled outrightly by the courts is almost nonexistent.

Ndi Omanbala, Mma Mma Nu O!




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