Ants, I love them. Not in the sense of having them swarm allover me, my food or my belongings. I actually can’t stand them, and once in a while I quash some a’dem astraying ‘pon me skin, and that’s not personal, just an act permitted by nature to check their proliferation.

I however, like the way of the Ants. Every aspect of the Ants’ life intrigues me. I have begun to see beyond the Ant as a nuisance, that sometimes rather than rush to terminate them, I prod them on their way, even removing obstacles for them.

I know there are classifications and strata within the Ant kingdom, but this isn’t what I’m about here. It’s the simple living Ant we come across on a daily basis that I intend to muse about.

Ants are hardworkers. I doubt that they take out any time to sleep, for if there’s food to be made or gathered, in effect work to be done, they just simply do it (methinks, NIKE stole their maxim for their brand). In doing this they understand very much the power in communal work. Though, they can carry ‘goods’ bigger and weightier than their individual sizes, Ants less busy or without loads easily help relieve another that’s heavily laden without let. In most humans, you’d find that there must be som’n to be gained for such acts of help to be rendered.

You cannot ascribe selfishness to the Ant, as individual Ants when they come upon an opportunity like a cube of sugar, nibble a bit off not to go hide in a corner to indulge, but rather go back to the “clan” to share a taste of the “find” or discovery, so that with more hands, the ” chunk” can be brought back home for the benefit of the many. This behaviour isn’t what you’ll routinely find with man, even when the one that found the opportunity does not possess the requisite technology or necessary acumen required to fully exploit such.

In going about it’s daily business, you’ll find the Ant a fearless executor, focused and unperturbed by stumbling blocks along its path. Even when the stumbling block is the human or the occasional lizard. Danger surely must be secondary in their pursuit of their means of livelihood. They would gladly walk into the midst of danger if it lies on their path. Many will consider this act of theirs foolish, but many a time, they’ve succeeded in their endeavours while staring at danger right in the face. Many a man have failed to kinetize their potentials just because they “smelt” danger, even when in actual fact there was none.

Ants aren’t QUARRELSOME in nature, I find it rather interesting when they come in contact with one another on a single path, to and fro. You’d think they were blind and didn’t see the oncoming traffic, but you’d find later that they take sometime engaging in what a friend described as “kissing”, though for me it looks more like the sharing of notes on what lies ahead for either travellers, the kind of cooperation rarely exhibited by the so called highly intelligent man in what they call “TRADE SECRETS”, which they fear may be leaked to opposition.
I am reminded of the many times I’d had to be delayed in traffic just because “INTELLIGENT” HOMO SAPIENS refused to allow each other the “Right Of Way” on very busy roads at ‘RushHour’. If only they could learn from the Ant.

The Ant is a Shrewd business inclined creature, not a spendthrift but a huge saver, always storing for the possibility of winter, for aridity and the season of drought. It undertakes this business of storing with all sense of responsibility, even when it’s unsure of its mortality. Most humans live for now, further endangering the certainty that today’s savings and planning could enable for a bountiful tomorrow, because they feel they don’t know what “Tomorrow’ll bring”.

There’s more to the Ant, than the few postulated herein, maybe you’d like to share, but I guess you cannot but agree with me that we surely do have a lot to learn from these tiniest of macro-creations. They’ve mastered what Man hasn’t been able to employ for ages.




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