“In Nigeria, West Africa,
There was once an incident,
On the 19th of October,
When they killed our journalist,
Dele Giwa, Dele Giwa…..”

I remember singing this song with many of my classmates in school then after Dele Giwa was brutally murdered by letter bomb in 1986.

Those were the days of heady investigative journalism, practiced by some of the best in Nigeria’s history. Newswatch (where Dele Giwa was the Editor and Founder) was one of the print media organizations one looked forward to weekly for the latest scoop of what was truly going on in Nigeria, especially the ones the government of the day wouldn’t like you to know about.

It was said that the late journalist came upon a damming evidence, that the government of the day considered threatening, hence they organized his assassination by a parcel bomb.


Many of those fingered by the late human rights activists, Chief Gani Fawehinmi, have gone on to hold several military and political positions, even still deciding the fate of Nigeria, while Dele Giwa’s mother died without seeing closure as to the murderers of her beloved son earlier this year.

It was Nigeria’s first parcel bomb incident, and would go on to usher in many other politically motivated assassinations (including of many other journalists) that remain unsolved till today, even with evidence in some cases.

The blood of these continue to cry out for justice!



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