As Jews the world over celebrate yet another ROSH HASHANAH which literally means ‘Head Of The Year’, it’s become pertinent to review the ‘whys’ of it, and what message this TRUMPET brings for us in today’s world.

The first mention of the Trumpet in the Bible is in the book of Leviticus Chapter 19 verse 16. YAHWEH had asked Moses to gather the people together as HE wished to impart a message to them (which included a set of laws), on the third day after they (the people) had purified themselves, ”….there were thunders and lightnings, and a thick cloud upon the mount, and the voice of the TRUMPET exceeding loud; so that all the people that was in the camp trembled”.

The trumpet, as used above points to it’s use as a tool of getting peoples’ attention. It will however be decreed as part of the activities of a Feast to be marked in the Jewish Seventh Month of TISHRI (which incidentally fell on the 5th of September this year), in the book of Leviticus Chapter 23 verse 24, that ”…In the Seventh month, in the first day of the month, shall ye have a SABBATH (a day of REST, in which one is expected to desist from ALL manner of WORK, but devote the Time solely to and for the worship of YAHWEH), a memorial of blowing of Trumpets, a holy CONVOCATION (meaning that it is a feast that must be celebrated within or amongst a CONGREGATION of people at a set apart place,a place upon which YAHWEH has decided to place HIS NAME). It is not a feast to celebrate the trumpet (even though it is called the Feast Of Trumpets, celebrated on Rosh Hashanah), rather it is a ”memorial of blowing of Trumpets”, which is referred to as YOM HA-ZIKKARON (The Day Of Remembrance) or YOM TERUAH (The Day Of Sounding Of The Shofar or ”Ram’s Horn”).

Rosh Hashanah speaks to alert us of the days of our lives. To point us to things we should pay attention to, from our past and our present, and to use same to fashion our future as best we could, so it won’t take us unawares.

In Biblical Times, the Trumpet was used as alarm, warning, and to call people for a gathering. Most times, the number of times it sounded or the timber of sound emanating from the Trumpet sends a clear message to those hearing it. It means that those for whom the sound of the trumpet is meant, will glean the message once they hear the sound, while the uninitiated (tone deaf will glean nothing) even when their lives may depend on it.

Today, the words as it was once spoken holds true as to the fact that Rosh Hashanah ‘….shall be a MEMORIAL of blowing of the trumpets’, hence the memorial of blowing of the trumpet stands to more significance than the actual blowing. YAHSHUA put it more aptly when HE admonished that we ‘WATCH and pray’, stating the importance of watching or taking note of events and trends around us.

Trumpets are not sounded today, the way they used to be in the past. They probably hold no significance beyond accompanying musical notes and songs, but the discerning amongst us hear a different trumpet sound with each epochal event of our world.

These events include (but not exclusively) political, climatic, diplomatic, economic and the likes, from the understandable to the enigmatic, that have continued to leave spectators in awe, sometimes fear, in what many may term ‘Signs of The Times’, while yet many others see them as nothing unusual and proffering reasons (plausible or not) to explain such bizarre occurrences, when they occur.

The apocalyptic verses in the Books of Daniel, Matthew Chapters 24 and 25, as well as those in the Book of Revelation, speak of events that’ll be heralded by the blowing of Trumpets. You will notice that most of these have come to pass while there’re signs that others also prophesied will also come to pass, even without the sounding of a TRUMPET in the physical sense of it.

But the truth is, the trumpet has sounded severally, and it continues to sound and like some spectrum of sound that aren’t audible to man but quite clear to dogs, many with ‘Discerning Ears’ who are listening glean every piece of sound from these Trumpets announcing key events of our times before, during and after they have taken place.

The full essence of the Feast of Trumpets is to awaken once again our consciousness and quicken our spirits to be alert and not miss even the tiny events of today that will define our tomorrow, but rather to be prepared for the future events so that we won’t be taken unawares.

So, as we celebrate the New Year, with Trumpets (Silver or Ram’s Horn) blaring, let us set ourselves in positions that’ll make our ears amenable to receive the sounds from these trumpets when they are blown, for we have promise that in the ‘First Resurrection’ only those who hear the trumpet will rise to Eternal Life, and give off the corruptible for the incorruptible.

Happy New Year!



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