Children Were Also Victims Of The Latest Chemical Attacks, Which Killed More Than A Hundred Outside Damascus Last Week

Since news broke of deaths of civilians (including children) in an area on the outskirts of Damascus, purportedly killed by chemical weapons Western Powers blame the Syrian Government led by Bashar Al-Assad of ochestrating, as they were bombarding the city at about the same time, the world has being in some kind of frenzy in anticipation of a military intervention against Assad’s government after the so called Obama Red-Line was crossed.

The bellicose rhetoric from both sides of the isle (in support of and against Assad) has reached fever pitch and to the high heavens, that it seems there will have to be some form of conflagration to burn off the tension eventually.

The Obama administration says it’s already made up it’s mind as to who was responsible for the use of CHEMICAL WEAPONS against civilians in Syria, and that it just needs the United Nations fact finding team presently on ground in Syria (whošê convoy got hit by sniper fire a few days back, but remained undeterred in their activities) to confirm that the Weapons of Mass Destruction, WMD was used for it to decide on the step to take on the Assad Government in Syria.

Incidentally, this latest attack in which the Syrian government is thought to have deployed chemical weapons happened a day before the fact finding mission (whose visit I actually find bizarre considering that more than a hundred thousand had died from the use of CONVENTIONAL WEAPONS for which there wasn’t any mission sent) was due in Syria to investigate allegations of use of chemical weapons by the parties involved in the conflict there, astounding keen observers of the Syrian crisis as to why the government would make such a suicidal move (if it indeed it was responsible for the attack), at a time it was making unprecedented gains against the rebels on all fronts.

The fact that the Syrian military possessed such capabilities is well known to all, the possibility that the rebels could lay their hands on the WMD’s is also not in doubt, however the capability to propel such over long distances during conflict situations remain the monopoly of the Syrian government in this particular war, and maybe the reason why America and her allies are sticking to their guns as regards the culpability of the Assad government in the use of chemical weapons against it’s own citizens.

On the other side of the divide are the Chinese and the Russians (and that’s not forgetting the Iranians) who have warned the United States and her allies of ‘CATASTROPHIC CONSEQUENCES’ should they embark on their venture of intervening militarily in the Syrian conflict on the side of the Syrian opposition, though they are yet to spell out what this connotes in layman’s terms.

There is talk though that the intervention of Western Powers will not be aimed at directly toppling Assad, but rather to destroy the government’s military capabilities, which of course will leave the door open for the setting up of an Interim Government that will be all inclusive of Syrian voices without Assad or his lieutenants, in the best of scenarios.

It is pertinent to note that this is happening at a time America is WAR WEARY and headed by a President who is very disinclined to wage even a ‘just war’, coming from the misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan.
This may explain why the hand of the American Might has been stayed despite Syria having crossed the so called Obama ‘RED LINE’, the bait of which was meant to be the use of Chemical Weapons in the War in Syria, especially by the Government forces.

The British have also made grandstanding rhetorics with body language suggesting their willingness to strike Syria without United Nations Security Council authorization, even though it seeks to compel it to sanction a possible intervention (military, I suppose) to ‘Protect Civilians’ in Syria, with support from the French and not surprisingly Turkey, while Israel is in ‘Alert Mode’ on the other side of the Golan.

If this becomes the last ditch attempt at removing Assad, and it succeeds as thus, the Syria that will emerge will be scary to contemplate, as the country as presently constituted is an amalgam of people with views, faiths and origins so far apart that it is a mystery how they’ve managed to stay together all this while (not so much an impossibility under a totalitarian regime though).

But the fear of a future Syria without Assad shouldn’t belly the atrocities that have so far been (and still being) committed by this brutal regime against its own people, in a bid to coerce the people into wilful submission. We can only hope that the consequences would pale to the sort we now have in a post-Saddam Iraq bent on tearing itself up at the seams.




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