She was burdened with such heavy responsibilities on frail shoulders while others her own age still had theirs massaged and protected.

Even though it necessarily shouldn’t fall to her, this load to carry, she simply assumed the role of ‘mother hen’ over those left in her care following a string of unfortunate incidences.

She had her breakdowns, but recovered quickly to strengthen her own, even when she indeed needed more help.

She may have become vulnerable at this point, and trusted and just like on the occasions before, her trust was betrayed and she vowed never to trust anymore.

Then, by happenstance she happened to come upon this Bohemian. He looked different from the others she had encountered. She had a soft spot for him but coming from a past of betrayals (even from ‘saints’), she couldn’t bring herself to totally fall for this devil she knew hardly anything about.

Though their situation made the possibility of intimacy a tad out of place, they still pursued a close friendship, sharing and getting to know each other better. She suspected that he may bè nursing some feelings of intimacy for her, and she did all she could to peter the flame before it grew into a wild fire.

He was particularly hurt by the knowledge that she harboured nothing close to the kinda feelings he had for her, moreso by the fact that she willingly gave to another (who was obviously not in a position to return the favour) that which he had been longing for, and when situations came to a head it was to him that she ran to for help out of her precarious predicament.

He was devastated. She had to do what she had to do. He had failed her when she needed him most. He was hurt by what he now knew about her. Like an egg, the trust (the bit that used to exist between them) was irreparably cracked. What used to bè a close knit relationship gave way to something much less than platonic.

They could never bè what they used to bè again. Each party could only imagine what the other was thinking. Their situation wasn’t helped by the fact that they both have to see each other almost on a daily basis, at a particular time of day, for a particular length of time.

People around them noticed what was happening, but couldn’t bring themselves to ask any of them what went wrong. There wasn’t any hint from either party of any intention to divulge to any other what it was that destroyed their hornets nest, those close to them couldn’t even come up with a speculation that made enough sense.

They’ve kept to themselves ever since, relishing memories of what used to bè, what is, and what could’ve being.



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