This question, amongst many inundates me when I’m away from the usual hustle and bustle of what is currently today’s lifestyle, when I meditate in the midst of nature as I rarely do these days, seeing that one now has to travel (sometimes) far to be one with nature, away from the concrete jungle of today’s cities.

What is the true essence of our life here on earth?
Is there a particular goal we are meant to chase for which we can declare ourselves achievers (having accomplished it) or not, before we leave Terra Firma?
Is our presence and existence on earth all there is to it or are we on transit to some other (form of) existence?
What exactly should we work for and ultimately hope for?

I am sure there are lots of questions beyond these that befuddle your minds in regards to the real reasons why we are here.
We aren’t the first people to be perplexed by these and other mind-boggling questions, and we shan’t be the last, it must’ve bothered the first man with some or any intellect.

The desire to find answers to the question regarding the reason to our existence can be seen in the multitude of religions, faiths, philosophies, mythologies and the likes, that assail us today (or have assailed man from time immemorial) and are sure to continue to do so far into the future of mankind, as there seem to be no shortage as to what the mind can fathom and present as credible answers to these mysterious questions.

Other animals can be satisfied by the things they see, humans on the other hand are intrigued by things unseen. It is difficult to believe and assume that we (and everything around us for that matter) are randomly chosen and perform independently of one another without some kind of score being made or kept somewhere by someone or something out there.

Even some atheists believe there are some extra-terrestrial bodies watching from out of space with whom we should communicate.

When expeditions are made into space, attention is paid particularly to search for signs or evidence of life in other planets, and if there are, to find out when and/or why they have ceased to exist or if they still do are, can they be termed to be in forms invisible to the naked eyes?

Back to earth. Gone are the days when men simply lived and left much to the dictates of their destinies. We have moved to the point where every advancement in science, technology and cultural has been geared towards defining a new us not hampered of held down by limitations, especially of a predetermined life. I bet you, if Achilles had come in this time, he’d have lived long despite his ‘HEEL’.

It is pertinent to note that despite all that our advancements has placed at our disposal, we continue to be plagued almost by the same basics with which our forebears were. We have even grown more destructive, enough to counter all we’ve achieved in terms of the lengthening of life, with what could snap life out at a whim, with much less effort and on a massive scale.

And while we are set at each others’ throat, getting to the brink more often than not, no great Super Human power has come to stop us, even when we committed great atrocious crimes against our fellow weaker humans in genocides and the likes in the many conflicts that have characterized our existence.

Several socio-economic models have failed to answer the question, attempts by communism to bring out the better man has failed woefully (even the Chinese know this) and we are now left with (in the main) capitalism which seems to thrive situated heavily on one of man’s enduring character traits of ‘SELFISHNESS’.

Many have run into religion seeking answers, and have sampled as many just to satisfy their hunger for knowledge and have come back empty handed or became derailed on their path to knowledge to chew more than they could bite.

Secret societies have flourished in our times because of this quest for knowledge, even though what they hold as knowledge has been proven over time to be nothing above foolishness. The freedom they promised that the knowledge (at their disposal) will provide has turned out to be slavery, and the once free man (occassioned by his ignorance) has become encumbered with unnecessary blab of inconsequential banter, penned by eloquent men who make a career of playing with superflous words, all in a bid to blind the unsuspecting into taking a lie for the truth.

One could assume that towards the end of one’s life it will be easier to tell if one feels satisfied with the life lived or not, as a measure of fulfillment or not, in regards to eventually knowing the purpose the one has served on earth.

It is however easier to tell from the outside if it appears someone has achieved his/her calling or not. For instance, most people will feel that Madiba fulfilled what he was sent here for, whether he agrees with that or not is something else entirely, which is also germaine and points to the fact as to who really determines if one has fulfilled his destiny (and in taking thought on this, consider the case of Judas, who was destined to betray the Messiah in the New Testament).

Maybe, the best to do in this situation will be to bury the thoughts about finding out why we are here and play with what life offers hoping that in so doing our purpose will become revealed in the many actions we take, and if we are observant to catch it, to emphasize it and find the fulfillment that more often than not, eludes the many like us looking to answer the question, ”Why Are We Here?”



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