Lively 14 year old Mohammed

The recent killing of a 14-year old boy (shot to death in the middle of a square in the presence of many) for Blasphemy in Syria for saying ”Not even if the Prophet himself returns” in response to someone’s request of him for a free cup of coffee (which he hawked by the wayside from his cart), by elements of the Syrian rebels currently fighting government forces loyal to Bashar Al-Assad, has once again cast a shadow on the intentions of those seeking to oust Assad.

Just recently, President Putin (a staunch supporter of the Assad government along with Iran) questioned the rationale behind the backing of Syrian rebels who did not find anything wrong with ‘eating the heart of a dead Syrian soldier’ by Western Nations and their allies in the middle east, referring to the video that went viral a few weeks before the G8 meeting in Ireland where he made the statement.

The United States of America under the leadership of Barack Obama as well as her European partners, have been quite reluctant, until recently in aiding the rebels militarily for fear of arms getting into the wrong hands (extremist groups like the Al-Nusra front) to avert a similar scenario to that of Afghanistan in future, but unfortunately there’s no guarantee that such would not happen. They must have presumed the impossiblity of ascertaining who was extremist or not, in eventually deciding to aid the rebels, allowing their desire to see the end of Assad override whatever reservations they may have towards the extremist arm of the rebels, whose activities have been deadlier and more effective against the army loyal to Assad, than the widely recognized and secular Free Syrian Army, FSA.

Areas now controlled by the rebel groups are now governed under strict forms of Shari’a law, and most unfortunately as each group execute the law as they deem fit according to the wildest interpretation that their ‘minds’ can fathom.

14 year old Mohammed after he was shot.

This has led to several cases of ‘floggings’ and ‘beatings’ of those suspected to have committed one crime or the other. They (the Sharia enforcement arm of the rebel army) claim that these are just temporary sentences because of the present situation of ‘war’, while final sentences are deferred till after the war, as present efforts are lent to the cause (of war).

We can glean from these events the mode rulership will take under these rebels should they eventually topple Assad. It will appear that the West may have just once again propped up (overtly or covertly) another extremist group, that may still come back to hunt them tomorrow.

Some people may now begin to believe President Assad’s claim (despite evidence of his own human rights abuses) that the fighters have extremists leanings and his overthrow will mean severe consequences against minorities in the fragile combust that’s the amalgam called Syria. The recent killing of a catholic priest (he was thought to have been beheaded, but was later confirmed to have been shot) in the Northern part of Syria amongst other ethnic and religious based killings targeting mainly minorities lay credence to this assertion.

Incidentally, this 14 year old boy, that was gruesomely murdered by these gun totting rebels for blaspheming the name of the prophet went by the name MOHAMMED!




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