There is an element of nakedness (erm…not in pornography) that alludes to innocence. Whether you’re looking at it from the Abrahamic or far eastern religions where the Adamic nature is synonymous with been naked or the natural as relating to a new born child.

It speaks of the spotlessness of the mind. A tabula rasa that babies come with when they are born. In some cultures, they are even addressed in the ‘neuter’ even though their gender is known.

If only we could be as kids, the world will be a better place. Even those who clamour for heavenly paradise are admonished in the Bible to be like children ‘for the Kindom Of Heaven’ is likened unto them’, and I should suppose it is as well insinuated in holy books of most other religions.

You just have to see the innocence in babies and some kids to trash the notion that man is innately evil and lives the rest of his life trying to shed it or come off it. I surmise that we are infact good, and do come of good, but are quickly exposed to that which isn’t exactly good (maybe not so, in people with a diminished sense of responsibility), as routinely seen amongst people we ascribe so much evil to when they put their hands to some good (or even exude good) against expectations (in the lives of the few around them or the many far away from and unrelated to them).

One can easily postulate also that kids are able to behave and react the way they do because their sense of responsibility can also be said to be diminished to some extent. Isn’t that why they are excluded from making certain (sometimes, any) decisions even when it concerns them?
Isn’t that why we sometimes think of adults with diminished psyche as behaving childlike (especially when they can do no evil and want always to be loved)?

Could we be inadvertently insinuating that the whole man should constitute a measure of good and evil?

If then we are capable of so much evil, couldn’t we be capable of some good, and by daily practice make it easier to do than have it being more difficult to live by than evil has now become?

Suffice it to say, that even man-made laws aimed at curtailing the commission of evil have become thwarted (in the main) to douse the effect of punishment, when the culpable fails to escape the sometimes very weak arms of the law. Sometimes punishment loses it’s corrective purpose when it is misinterpreted by the one being punished or when as most often seen, is misapplied.

But all this wouldn’t have arisen if there’d been no laws or statutes for how we should deal with our fellow man, for when there is no law, there will be no criminal.
A law would not be required if we all had a notion of what constitutes Good and Evil, Right and Wrong, and most especially work towards doing good and right only.

Alas, that hasn’t been the case, because sooner than the child is born, innocence is lost and the Limbic System takes over.

Though the way of a child are desirable, it is however pertinent that it be shed when you consider (according to Freud) that the child is acting mainly on instincts, seeking to avoid pain or unpleasant situations but wanting only instant gratification, a situation that earth and the surrounding social and physical environment cannot adequately satisfy as presently constituted. It then becomes imperative that the Ego and Super-ego modify the Id of the child as he grows to become a man (or woman as the case may be). It is then not impossible to see in megalomaniacs the manifestations of the ‘Id’.

Hence, to sustain our ability to want good, do good and sustain good we must emphasize more of our childlike characteristics and moderate the excesses thereof with adult characteristics (that remain mainly undeveloped in the kid).

We can learn to forgive (and forget easily), by not bearing and holding a grudge, not taking life too serious, finding an avenue to play in almost every situation regardless of the circumstances, and find simple things like laughter easy (adults seem to lose their ability to laugh in sleep), amongst many others.

If only we can find our innocence again!




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