At the early stages of man’s civilization, the pursuits of mankind was limited to the basics. Anything that can be done to maintain life was uppermost in the thoughts of the man. He ate, and sought for food wherever he could find it without plans to replenish or save what he had gathered (many of which perished anyway, after a short while).

Because he had to share space with other animals, a few of which also considered him ‘meat’, he had to find means of protecting himself from those. Shelter (in todays’ true sense of the word) hadn’t become that paramount as he would pass the night wherever the night finds him, preferably under a shade (one that isn’t home for carnivores if he can manage it, or else he’d become their dinner).

Even when civilization was been founded, and man’s priorities could be categorized into the seeking and provision of food, ‘warm’ clothing (mainly in regions with not so clement weather), and shelter, these were all at subsistence basis. Thought was hardly given to making these widely available to others, rather because these things were scarce, or could get scarce at some periods; it became imperative not only to protect oneself from just ‘man-eating’ animals, but also from other men!

Soon enough, ‘Fire’ was discovered and those animals that once preyed on men, became the hunted. Civilization became fast-tracked and men rather than seeing the other man primarily as an enemy or ‘strict’ competitor, saw the man as part enabler and with the development of languages began to form communes.

Man diversified to the best of his ability, his activities. He began to store what he had gathered, and sometimes battered of his excess for other things he needed which his neighbours possessed in abundance. The ‘Social Man’ evolved of this.

We have come a long way from those days, from simply gathering to survive we now be produce far more than only us and those around us can survive and live on. We’ve built around us principles and methods to aid us in our present civilization.

However, the basic instincts that dictated the terms by which man led his life back in those days, seem not to have left us, for in one way or the other we find that even in our so called ‘civilized’ ways, we are wont oft to exhibit those traits.

A large percentage of the world’s population still live on a subsistence basis, barely moving from the one meal to the other, or better still from the one salary to the other. Despite the lofty ideals and concepts propunded and even practiced by man over the centuries to ensure that wealth is evenly distributed, and that no one man can aggrandize so much at the expense of other men, none has come close enough to equalizing men on the basis of wealth.

Infact, it can be further stated that at no time in man’s history has the gulf between the wealthy and poor being this wide. Hence, we find that much of mankind lives in what we can term a RAT RACE. Simply surviving for the moment, allowing tomorrow to cater for itself.

It is not then unusual that many have taken it upon themselves to prey on other well-off humans just to make ends meet (yet more do it for other unjustifiable reasons) sometimes snuffing life out of the owner of the things they wanted, others in positions of responsibility over the commonwealth of the people line their purses with it, to the detriment of those they purport to serve, bringing them untold hardships and in many cases death.

All that man has gannered on his way from savagery towards humanity has been sacrificed on the altar of avarice. Now, once again even in our so called ‘advanced’ civilization, man is now again slipping into savagery with astounding pictures to show for it.

What used to be subsistence in the days of early man, has given way to selfishness. The love of man’s self over mankind, and the ‘I’ has trumped the ‘We’. There’s no space anywhere for being one’s brothers’ keeper. The most prevalent form of love for anyone now ends with such for one’s kids (as it ensures the perpetuation of the one beyond his time on earth), and for these the struggles and aggandization of wealth is justified (even when they may come up to make a mess of their inheritance).

It is still much of the same, the basic nature of man remains, through the ages and with civilizations come and gone, our GREED still drives us!



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