So many musicians employ a myriad of tactics to draw to themselves fans and sell millions of records while at it.

Others simply minister to the heart of the people and they become their idols. These artistes don’t need or show the glamour and glitz usually associated with popular music but simply go out of the norm to carve their niche.

One such artiste is Sade Adu, and the particular song of interest is her ‘King Of Sorrow’. I fell in love with her earlier on with her initial releases, and especially with her coarse (for lack of a better word) voice.

One would’ve thought that returning from her rather long hiatus would’ve dampened her glow but it appeared never to be the case with her, that she even shone brighter with her ‘Soldier Of Love’.

Her ‘King Of Sorrow’ is one piece that one can easily relate to. She talks about those periods when we feel like Atlas (like the world’s on our shoulders), and ”crying everyone’s tears”. When others live our dreams and we, their nightmares.

Her ‘soup’ predictably burns one’s soul, reminding one of the times when things seemed easier to go wrong than right. When what others routinely took for granted required the extra to achieve with one.

Sometimes, it makes you feel like you were paying ‘for all your future sins’, as you simply can’t link a past sin to the present predicament. Even when you can, you wonder how come you have to pay this much a price in ‘retribution’ when people whose daily lives portray sheer ‘wickedness’ and ‘evil’ get all they want at the snap of their finger, and according to the Psalmist, ‘even in their death, there’s no pang’.

These are some of the things that go through the mind of the sorrowful, whose ‘moisture has turned into the drought of summer’, when despite all efforts, the change for the better continue to appear elusive.

It is not all times that one’s in a happy and jolly mood. It is at such times that Sade’s ‘King Of Sorrow’ becomes number one on the charts for many a sober person, and one feels better when one learns that the challenge one is facing isn’t peculiar but rather one of the phases in life, experienced by many others worlwide one way or the other while I ‘wonder if this grief will ever let me goooo, I feel like I am the King, Sorroooow Yeaaaah, King Of Sorrow.’



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