I’m always intrigued by Bible Stories and could never get enough of them.

The twists, the undertones and the symbolisms accompanying the stories that open them up for varying interpretations are what intrigues me the most about them.

Let us start with Genesis. Adam is created and because of loneliness Eve is made. I don’t know if it’s possible for one who hasn’t experienced companionship to appreciate loneliness, but I guess the fact that the animals he had had to name over the past few days (maybe months) after he was created had males and females and that may have probably got him thinking. Anyway, he had a female made from his ribs not because he requested for one or seemed to have missed one.

We can suggest that the man would’ve been in good terms with his creator, had he not hearkened to his ‘loving wife’ to taste of the forbidden fruit (of which so many tales have been spun as to what exactly it represents in symbolism, a matter I’d rather let rest for fear of delving into porn, even though pictures depict an apple), after prodding from the deceptive serpent who surprisingly had the power of speech, suggesting it might have been ‘taken-over’ by Satan ‘The Devil’, in what’ll bè the greatest conspiracy against mankind recorded by the Bible.

They discover their nakedness suddenly hence the need to hide from the ‘All Seeing Creator’. He makes them clothes from skin over the leaves they’d covered their ‘privates’ with, then had them banished from the ‘Garden Of Eden’. Men seem to have never fully forgiven ‘women’ (in this case girlfriends, fiancees and wives) for this ‘treachery’, though they do not really see their mother in that light.

Adam and Eve ‘know’ each other twice, and Cain and Abel are born. If you are still in doubt as to what that ‘knowledge’ is, then refer to primary and secondary school to the days when students were suspended or expelled for having ‘carnal knowledge’ of each other, with teachers or others outside of school.

Cain and Abel grow old enough to know that they must make an offering of some of their produce. Cain’s offering was rejected despite the fact that he made his first, though there’s no suggestion that his crops were spoilt or anything of the likes but rather because he had bad thoughts (towards his brother whom he later killed), something that a future verse may have referred to in asking that anyone making an offering to the Almighty should ensure he’s got no ought with or against his brother or else to go and settle it before presenting the offering.

Anyway, Adam and Eve are later compensated with the birth of Seth, as Cain now becomes a vagabond and wanderer, and while at it, marries and has offsprings (some growing to be worse than he was), even though we do not know how he came about his wife, or who he meant when he was scared that people might want to kill him when they saw him (for which he got a mark on his forehead that was to serve as protection for him).

And from a record of Births and Deaths we get to Methuselah for whom nothing of great importance is imputeth to his name besides number of childbirths and when they occured as well as length of years, as the longest living up to Nine Hundred and Sixty-Nine years, all in about three or four verses. I can’t think of a better illustration of the importance of life been more about how well it is lived over and above how long it is lived.

One of his sons is a Holy Man, Enoch who doesn’t die but was, and was not, for YAHWEH took him.

Before you could say Genesis, the earth is thrown into chaos with sin become the general order of the day. Even angels are not left out of the ensuing malady. They begin to make wives of the earthlings who bare them ‘Nephillim’, the giants of yore.

The action of men on earth cause the Creator to regret making man and he decides to wipe them off the face of the earth, save for a pious and righteous man Noah and his family consisting of his wife, three sons Shem, Ham, Japhet and their wives. Other sources in antiquity actually claim the story as theirs with one stating that the gods became angry occassioned by the loud noise coming from men on earth that they felt they should destroy men to maintain some quiet upon the earth.

Noah is instructed to build an ark (on dry ground) in anticipation of a deluge. Of course I doubt you’d have agreed to join him in the Ark, when there was no sign of the kind of rain falling enough to cause massive flooding, and even if it did, enough to lead to the swallowing up of houses (or whatever it was they had in those days that served as shelter), the tallest trees, small hills and even mountains.

Animals and birds are selected by sex, and a special set, ‘the clean ones’ are selected in their sevens and guided into the ark. When you look at the size of most of the animals today and their behaviour you want to wonder how they managed that. I wish though that the mosquito, cockroach and mice didn’t make it, but I guess those ones obviously broke the rules and gate crashed in their numbers into the Ark. In the movie, ‘The Bible’ the Tortoise and it’s spouse where the last to enter, even though I would have thought it’d be the snail and wifey.

The Creator shuts the door of the ark after all were on board, probably to ensure that Noah wouldn’t begin to feel compassion towards friends, acquaintances, and even foes to attempt opening the door in the middle of the deluge, and thereby possibly endangering the lives of the Arks occupants. They had all the time to repent you’d say, I’m sure the guys left behind banged the door and body of the ark heavily in frustration and probably cursed Noah for shutting them out, even though they might have LOL’ed their arse off when he warned them of impending doom, while providing a means of escape for them.

Noah and his entourage are to remain in the Ark for 40 days and nights. Their Ark sits atop mount Ararat and it wasn’t until a Dove which he let out came back with a twig that they learn that there’s land and can thus disembark.

It is from Noah that the next generation of humans take root. Happenings following this point will eventually go a long way in determining issues of race and how humans have then continued to see and treat each other.

I will leave that treatise for BIBLE STORIES II.



2 thoughts on “BIBLE STORIES

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  2. Thank you so very much. I appreciate your kind words. I’ve no unique trick beyond the ordinary.

    Concerning my views about the subject I raised, I guess I just spoke the minds of a lot of people.

    You should check out BIBLE STORIES II as well, while I await the muse on the third instalment.

    Thank you once again.


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