Isn’t it funny how sometimes in life, the very things we fail to appreciate are the things that have kept us going, still keeps us and may still continue to nurture us for the better part of our future?

It is not unusual to find us doubt a path or career we’d once chosen, to peer and test other paths our peers have careered to much success just because we’ve grown unsatisfied with it, only to find that our foray tended not to favour us while the ‘rejected stone’ that’s our ever-present career continues to fund and sustain us and the adventures we undertake to relegate it to the doldrums.

I’m not saying that it isn’t wise to test uncharted regions or explore nether careers, paths or if one has the time and money, a totally different academic field, what I’m saying is that in attempting or in doing this we may not and should not totally cut off that humble path from where we took our journey, for it may well come to serve us when all else fails.

Maybe, rather than seeking to explore new sites and craving new areas of interests, we can also begin to make the ‘simple’ path more interesting by spicing it up a bit. There are refresher courses we can engage in to make us better at what we do, and if we find those expensive there are a zillion materials on the web that can help, and if we hate letters then YouTube’s there for visuals on almost everything one would want to see. I have not even mentioned getting a higher degree (I leave that for your motivational speakers).

Careers are like ancient African gods, you must worship at their altar almost on a daily basis, and pour libation to them. They don’t necessarily have to lick up the libation or make gestures that suggest that they’ve recieved your sacrifices or not, but those routine almost daily exercises at their shrine ensure perpetuation of ones kind. We know this because well, we are here today.

That is what we must do to our careers, especially while they remain with us, ensuring our survival even when we abandoned them for the strange women that’s other careers and paths, only to be hurt and then come back again to continue to earn the meagre that hasn’t failed to sustain us, as well as ensure our ‘worthiness’ before our creditors.

Let’s stop belittling our jobs, because really there’s some truth in that famous phrase that ‘there are no small jobs, just small people’.



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