‘When the Silence beckons,
And the day draws to a close,
When the light of your life sighs,
And love dies in your eyes,
Only then will I realise,
What you mean to me’

The above is lyrics from Anathema’s ‘Inner Silence’. An unusually short song but heavily laced with acoustics.

They are one of my best heavy ‘Doom’ metal rock bands, and in my estimation highly underrated.

But that isn’t why I’m writing this, it’s the message of regrets that it bears that comes to me. I am sure many will have their interpretations for this song, but I’ll simply outline mine even though I’ve not been opportuned to share notes with anyone on and about what they feel about the song.

It’s simplicity and vagueness, open it up to many interpretations as may apply or be revealed to different people under varying circumstances, but one thing is certain, it’s ‘Doomish’ and speaks about missed opportunities.

At every point in the journey of our lives are choices to be made. These choices move us to the next for which again we are required to make a new one, hence though we start up with so many people and still yet meet others on the way, we are set apart (even in close proximity) by those choices we make and the path we decide to follow.

Because we do not know tomorrow, we can either rejoice or bemoan our fate when we arrive at the new destination our choice has led us, even a clairvoyance cannot predict how we will feel even when such ends have been afore prophesied.

What lingers more in our hearts then is the missed opportunites, not the choices we made that turned right for us eventually. That is the basis of the beautiful work of art that’s Anathema’s ‘Inner Silence’.

It speaks about that moment when you get to review all of your life’s journey especially in and of love, only to discover that you’ve wrongly journeyed. Of course, not all of us will have that opportunity (not with the way people have life snuffed out of them in a jiffy) but I hear that in the last seconds left to draw breath all of life’s events are replayed. If that be true then it adds credence to this song and will apply to everyone at their last moments no matter how short that may be.

We may however not wait for this last moments to rue our lives and how they’ve turned out. Life plays a lot of drama with us and like the game of ‘Ludo’ throws us numbers but leaves us the decision to make, of what to do with them.

You could fall in love with this girl you infatuated all your childhood life with, but then get cut off from her for a very long time. And even though you both went your separate ways you just always thought about each other and kept mementoes of your time together.

Sometimes, you both do very well in your chosen careers and have built homes with different spouses to some degrees before life again plays a cruel one by making your paths cross again. You find out even to your utter disgust that you hadn’t been far away from each other all the while, only that somewhere along the line, communication was lost and you both ignored the little, simple things that you could’ve done to restore and reestablish it.

Your reunions brings you both great joy, your love is rekindled and you know deep down there that you were meant and had always been meant for each other, unfortunately things have become complicated. You both have sworn your lives away to others who were never a part of your story, and may have even loved and still show and bestow upon them the love you once thought you’d share together for life.

You have tried to let go, but had ended up rekindling your love for each other after every attempt to break it up. What you thought you’d enjoy blissfully with each other, you now have to negotiate clandestinely. You know it’s wrong to so do but the love you both share makes it feel right.

The other path or choice is to let that feeling slide, bottle-up your emotions and play Anathema’s ‘Inner Silence’ in your head as you make for the white lights!



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