We hear it often said by today’s ‘Prosperity Pastors’ that ”poverty is a SIN”, and they then go ahead to back their claim with several quotations from the Bible.

It is no surprise then that most christians now think prosperity to mean being in good standing with their ‘God’. Of course at the top of the hierarchy, as the holiest of all is the ‘pastor’, who must then prove his holiness and height of righteousness by amassing so much wealth at least beyond that of most of his parishioners.

This has led to the justification of several crimes and financial indiscretions, as long as part of the proceeds are paid in tithes (and in Nigeria contribution to the building of church auditorium and pavilions, either partly or fully).It is no wonder therefore that a country like Nigeria could be the most religious and the most corrupt at the same time.

Wealth has become the new Righteousness and it’s acquisition, Salvation. Gone are the days when it was said that ‘it would be easier for the camel to pass through the eye of the needle than for the Rich Man to get into the Kingdom Of Heaven.’

The church has since ceased to be the moral compass of the populace because of this. You can’t be telling people to do as you say and not as you do. The pastors have engaged several means and tactics to bring about a massive swelling in the number of members and have perfected means to divert worship from the ‘God’ they claim to serve to their own selves.

They have invested heavily in technology and the electronic media to push their perverted messages across to the people, and seeing that miracles alone will not do the trick (many have been confirmed to be stage managed, while some ‘converts’ thought to have been cured of one illness or the other, ‘relapsed’ or even died of the same illness), have engaged the services of sacerdotal broads to seduce ‘upwardly mobile’ young men into their fold with promises of heaven and earth (even some sexual healing time) once they ‘accept CHRIST as their personal lord and saviour. It doesn’t matter if the person gives up a former life of licentiousness or not.

The pastors themselves have then gone ahead to expand their hedges by building schools far beyond the reach of the majority of their members, hospitals that would not admit patients without an initial deposit again far beyond the reach of the majority of their members, and most recently in Nigeria in inter-state transportation.

The latest craze of acquisition of jets by most of the pastors in Nigeria is already an overflogged issue so I will not go beyond mentioning it, as it’s also the least of the conglomerates these so called ‘Men Of God’ run in the name of ‘God’.

Spirituality has been sacrificed on the altar of satisfying the lusts of members as well as the gluttonous appetites of pastors. Running a church has become family business, and depending on the church in Nigeria for example, the heirarchy is usually made up of people from the same ethnic group as the pastor, while the closest to the top are strictly occupied by the pastors’ siblings (when the kids aren’t of age) and/or children.

Because these pastors have created their own queer idea of what heaven is, they also claim to have the key to ‘heaven’ as well, with the power to decide who will or won’t enter therein. They have created fear in the hearts of their members and others outside the walls of their church with the words, ‘Touch not my annointed, and do my Prophets no harm’, to avert any form of criticism of their ways and acts. Hence, it’s not unusual to hear many refuse to see anything wrong with the excesses of the so called ‘Men Of God’, or even be drawn to listen to their misdeamenours as they’ve elevated them beyond human frailties (all at the expense of the pockets of the same members who sometimes have to shed proper clothing to wear rags advertising the pastors’ next ‘Impartation’ programme).

Pastors who couldn’t survive as businessmen outside the church now teach businessmen how to make it in business after cunning them out of their hard earned money. The ones that couldn’t pass while in school organise inspiration seminars for students to pass.
Now only a part of the Bible is ‘inspired’ while the rest (that focus on salvation) does not belong to the present church.

But just like other fads before, this will also pass. In time, one by one the pastors will be exposed for the vermins that they are. ‘Leeches, that never say enough’ is how they are described by the Bible they clutch to the chests daily. When they shall say ‘Peace and Security’, then shall sudden destruction come ‘pon them!

That time soon come.




    1. The fact that the truth is bitter doesn’t mean it shouldn’t bè spoken.

      I’ve read your treatise on this same subject, and I feel no one could’ve put it better.



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