Rain means a lot to rural African farmers where irrigation is almost non-existent. Farming here is determined almost entirely by the elements. The farmers’ preparations is at the mercy of the weather.

He is conversant with the weather pattern over time, and he knows the exact time to pitch his seed for maximum yield most times. At other times, nature freaks the farmer out by either delaying the rain or dropping a deluge.

A farmer will do well to sow his seeds later than required in the case of delayed rain, or during a deluge. Those who’ve planted during or before the above episodes stand to make great losses in yield eventually.

A wise farmer will learn to notice the changes and to make the necessary moves as they are required in their right time. By so doing he will make maximum yield.

Sometimes, no matter how prepared the farmer is and could be, the elements may still prefer to play tricks on him by granting him early clement weather then while he rests assured that all is well, spring him the surprise of a devastating deluge, or seize the rain totally leading to the destruction of his plants and crops.

Non-weather related phenomena like locust invasion may also debilitate the plants and the farmer must take this in it’s stride.

The persistent farmer is rewarded with adequate rainfall most times, and even a deluge or flooding may bring him sediments from fertile soils from far away lands that’ll greatly replenish his soil and increase yield.

This type of rain pours, and even though it may have an initial effect of destruction it eventually leads to a rejuvenation of the field, but only the persistent and patient farmer, one with understanding about the workings of nature, will know to apply the benefits of such rain to maximum yield.

As with the farmer, so it is with the man. Many a times we appear primed to deal with challenges, applying our minds to their solution. Sometimes our preparations are useless, so also our response to adversity, but our persistence and patience will see us through those times, such that when all is said and done, and it rains heavily, it will pour means for which we will make ends meet abundantly.



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