Some days ago, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Haillemariam Desalegn accused the International Criminal Court, ICC of pursuing an anti-African agenda, declaring the body as ‘race-hunting’, citing the case involving the Kenyan President and Vice President as an example.

It is true that the bulk of the cases before the court are those involving African nations and their leaders, as well as cases brought there by African nations (like kenya and Cote d’Ivoire amongst others).

Most African Nations (now complaining) are signatories to the International Treaty that set up the ICC, and the African cases brought before it are not frivolous as the African leaders (rulers better still) would have us believe.

Infact, many of those running around Africa without mention yet at the ICC deserve to be behind the dock there, and it’s only weakness and political correctness by the ICC presently that’s made that a non-reality yet.

Rather than question the ICC for doing their job as stated in the statute they jointly signed onto, it would be more desirable if they would pay more attention to strengthening democracy within the nations that make up the African Union, AU and curbing impunity by promoting the Rule Of Law.

The AU is a toothless bulldog, doing absolutely nothing to arrest the excesses of the rulers of the nations within it’s fold. This is so because the founders (then as the Organization of African Unity, OAU) desired and voted for a watered down version of the Union Kwame Nkruma advocated (which they celebrated later that night with Ethiopian prostitutes, only to find most of them toppled within months by soldiers and people that have become tired of their excesses).

When the ICC took up the prosecution of those indicted for the post election crisis in 2007 leading to the deaths of hundreds of Kenyan’s, at the behest of the Kenyan government, it did so because even the Kenyan authorities admitted that their legal institutions were incapable of bringing the perpetrators to book.

It is unfortunate that a Uhuru Kenyatta would now use (or hide under the umbrella of) the AU to seek to quash his prosecution (alongside his deputy, William Ruto) now that he’s President of Kenya, after promising to fulfil his obligations to the court regardless of his position and schedule.

Let’s not forget that Omar Al Bashir is still walking free after ochestrating violence and genocide against the people of Sudan.
Will Africa slip that under the carpet too?

If the African nations and /or their rulers have done good, they will not be under the lens of the international criminal courts.
The issue of victimization should not at all come up because they were not forced to sign the treaty (probably they wouldn’t have signed it, if they’d picked ambassadors meriting the position to sit on their behalf at the United Nations, and have scrutinized the treaty noting the significance and implication of those treaties, besides going there to make up the numbers, doze off and ‘play’).

The last AU meeting for me was a joke, as much as the first OAU meeting, where only Kwame Nkrumah was the serious attendee.

Africa unfortunately still has a long way to go.




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