The truth is that, the majority of people worldwide don’t really want so much.

They simply require the basics to set their lives rolling. Most of the promises the politicians make them are not things that are germaine to their existence.

They want their freedom from restrictions that impede them from earning their livelihoods. Most get absolutely nothing directly or indirectly from their governments and simply hope to give nothing back to their governments by way of taxes on their meagre earnings.

The politicians come around sometimes every four years with the air of people that know what is good for all, make promises that they will not keep even when they are custodians over the resources that can bè used to bring such promises to bè.

If the politicians could keep their activities out of the purview of the masses then it would bè all good but they hardly do, rather they encroach upon the things the masses manage for their survival.

When the politician forms a government, they take the land of the masses for instance, most times without compensation, or compensate them for less than the value of the land. They purport to establish white elephant projects there, but end up abandoning the project or even converting the land to other uses other than that for which it was coercively grabbed in the first place.

They influence the lives of the masses negatively in so many respects, and when the masses respond even negatively they are termed ‘disturbers of the peace’, mauled and hauled into jail or even killed while protesting.

There, stands the origin of conflicts between the government and the people, and as long as the government fails to implement its programmes (even when it will positively impact the lives of the people) with a human heart, appreciating the impact of such activities on the lives of those that should benefit from it, then conflict will remain.

The people must bè carried along, their inputs collected and evaluated for their merits. Governance shouldn’t always bè about what the politicians think the people want but rather what they have garnered from the people to bè their most desired needs, and if this is done even politicians will come to realise that the people do not really want much, but the little that will keep their dignity as human beings intact.



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