There should be someway to draw positive energy from sadness and an unwillingness to smile. If one isn’t born with a happy face, I don’t think (s)he has to be forced to accept the societal norm to smile.

A person who frowns often can’t be said to be ‘sicker’ than the one who smiles even when (s)he should be sober. One’s thoughts and feelings shouldn’t be linked to facial expressions.

Frowners should also have the right to ‘NOT’ smile even when they should be happy and vice versa. People should also learn to not ask silly questions like, ‘What is wrong with you?’, just because someone isn’t smiling. If there was something wrong, more often than not (s)he who frowns will tell you.

It isn’t fair to pressurize ‘frowners’ to smile against their will and for no just cause, even when and if their lives depended on it!



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