buying travel on the internet you need an internaIt is an undisputable fact that Africa’s the home of mankind (the bones and carbon dating say so), it is also said to be the cradle of civilization.

The fact that Africa does not exhibit most of what was once known about it does not mean it never was great or that indeed it could not possibly attain those heights again.

People made Africa what it was back in those days, it will also require people to do the same today. Africa’s decline may not entirely be it’s fault.

Those who claimed to know better referred to Africans as a savage people, yet their own history is replete with more savagery than what the savage African could have ever imagined.
Indeed every civilization known to man passed through it’s own period of savagery, it only tended to be longer in some than others. Others however continue to exhibit this behaviour in some degrees even in the most civilized on environments.

Africa has also suffered amongst other things ‘slavery’, not just the European sponsored one but through the ages from among and within themselves (when it was a way of life worldwide as culture) and most devastatingly by people of other races.

It is true that it’s not just enough to lay the blame for this at the doorsteps of the slavers as even the so called leaders and rulers of African origin of the time contributed in no small measure in perpetuating the unfortunate event of slavery.

Africa also made the mistake of generally denigrating their ways to accept cultures alien to theirs just so they can feel ‘among’, while the ways of colonialists was stoutly rejected in the main, by Asians where for example in the Japanese ‘Sakoku period’ westerners were restricted from coming in and locals from going out to prevent a corruption of their culture, and that’s among other tactics employed by the rulers of the various periods in most of their history to protect ‘their ways’.

Unfortunately, Africans generally rejected everything African for the so called ‘Light’ to her own embarrassment and disgrace.

Today, homegrown remedies have given way to foreign, and by adapting ways alien to our forebears we’ve attracted repercussions hitherto unknown to them, for which even the foreign remedies seem to be incapable of redeeming.

Gladly, some Africans have begun to see the sense in retracing footsteps, for if one must know where one’s going, one has to know where one is coming from.

The root calls, let us heed!



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