Have you noticed how most Nigerian hip-hop songs done mostly by new artistes on the block tend to sound the same?

Makes you want to think they are all coming from the same stable or producer. Well, I found out that they are not, so I sought for what might be responsible for this.

In Nigeria, singers really do not make it from record sales as most of their works are usually pirated or freely downloaded from the internet, however they make so much money from appearances at shows and events within and outside the country.

But these shows and events don’t come off a platter of gold, silver or even aluminium. The artistes must first gain wide acceptance mainly from the party going and club-attending public, hence the music is done to satiate the thirst and hunger of this public.

The conditions the above public are in when they listen to music is such that they would care less if it makes sense or not, as long as there’s a particular repetitive rhythm to which they can move their body or bop their heads to.

This in my view is partly responsible for the vulgarity we see in music audios and videos nowadays in Nigeria, unfortunately the singer who develops a conscience midway into his career and decides to be a bit responsible with his music may soon begin to experience a nose dive in fan base, get little airtime and fades from public view faster than it took to come on board.

In this dark millieu we have seen some other artistes become successful with less luridity and vulgarity, propelled to success through their talent though their rise to fame could be said to have been tortuous but it was nevertheless steady, an artiste such as Tuface fits this bill and makes you wonder how long Davido, whizkid and the likes can keep up their charade before a new set of vulgarity-slinging dudes knocks them off the stage.




  1. Well imputed. If only our youths especially the up coming ones can come across this missive and read down with attention… This issue has been bothering me for a long time since now. Lyrical flows by most of our artists today are increasingly becoming very repetitive with zero or wrong massages and very boring to matured minds – not withstanding the fact that the song may be hit. Their videos have become something else. No concept @ all. Just the same frustrating scenes of naked ladies, drinks, clubbing or partying and cars not realistic with Nig roads. Even an artist like Harry Song that started on a relatively good note has turned a joker all in the quest of penetrating the main stream – operation “belong to the big boys @ cost”. Damn!


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